Impact Wrestling Live Coverage – 11/17/2020

Good evening everyone!!! Tim Stiefvater here and I’ll be with you for the next two hours on this new edition of Impact Wrestling. We got an excellent show tonight. The Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament begins tonight when Havok and Neveah take on Alisha and Tenille Dashwood. Moose takes on Willie Mack in a No DQ match. Hernandez takes on Fallah Bahh in singles action. Also Brian Myers takes on Crazzy Steve one on one. We also will take a look at the new Knockouts and Tag Team Champions from Turning Point. The search continues on who shot Bravo. And last but not least The Rascalz final match in Impact Wrestling as Dezmond Xavier and Chris Wentz take on Trey Miguel and Rich Swann. Hopefully you will join me tonight during the show.

No Disqualification match: Moose vs Willie Mack

Physical match between these two. Willie Mack hits Moose with the Stunner but Moose hits Mack withe spear and continued to hit Mack in the back of the neck to pick up the win.

Suicide vs Gio

Not very much of a match. Joe Doering comes to the ring and attacks Suicide and Gio

Brian Myers vs Crazzy Steve

Brian Myers picks up the victory over Crazzy Steve. Very good match between these two.

Tenille Dashwood and Alisha vs Havok and Neveah

Neveah and Havok advance in this tournament. The match broke down pretty quickly. Tenille Dashwood was helping Alisha for awhile but then just threw her into Neveah. Jordynne Grace is on the phone with her mystery partner.

Hernandez vs Fallah Bahh

Hernandez picks up the victory over Fallah Bahh. It was a good match between the two.

Dezmond Xiaver and Chris Wentz vs Trey Miguel and Rich Swann

Really enjoyed this match. Very emotional for all four men. It was amazing action. Rich Swann and Trey Miguel pick up the victory. Backstage the boys celebrate and Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock attack all for of them. Thank you for joining me tonight for Impact Wrestling. Have a good night