3 Reasons Why UFC Fight Night 183 Is A Worthy Cause To Attend

3 Reasons Why UFC Fight Night 183 Is A Worthy Cause To Attend

Five days before an exciting square-off of Islam Makhachev and Rafael dos Anjos, the former player decided to withdraw the duel because of staff infection. That said, the UFC Fight Night 183 continued to go on a limbo until a familiar name came out to replace Makhachev and go up against a five-rounder bout this Saturday, November 14, 2020.

Paul Felder, known as “The Irish Dragon,” stepped into the scene to wrestle against dos Anjos. He only got five days to prepare and weigh-in to get into the Lightweight class. As Felder goes up against a more veteran MMA fighter, this would be another proverbial stint for him and will surely boost his UFC records and statistics if he wins.

As the UFC Fight Night Schedule comes intact, with seven undercard and five main cards on the lines, there’s a lot at stake to anticipate in this event. From three Women’s Strawweight fights to the Middleweight and Lightweight class battle, here are some reasons why you should not miss the UFC Fight Night 183 this weekend.

Can Felder Put Down dos Anjos In A Five-Day Notice?

Compared to other UFC Fight Night editions, the 183 episodes might be something that every mixed martial arts fan must not forget. As stated, Paul Felder accepted the challenge to compete against dos Anjos this weekend on a five-day notice. That said, he has to cut down his weight to 155 pounds in the given timeframe to qualify for the Lightweight Division.

Looking into Felder’s current accomplishments, he had 17 wins and five losses. Ten of these victories were won via knock-outs, six were decisions, and one by submission. On the other hand, Rafel dos Anjos has 29 wins and 13 losses. Technically, Felder is a younger one but will surely give all his best once they’re in the cage.

Felder isn’t showing any doubts about turning down dos Anjos and testing his ability to a Lightweight division where he once was a king. It is something that UC fans should watch and see as it’s an excellent fight to remember. Apart from that, these players were current Welterweight champions, and we’ll see who reigns supreme at APEX.

Middleweight Belts Are Up For Grabs

Aside from the Felder and dos Anjos fight to reckon with, three Middleweight belts are up for grabs in UFC Fight Night 183. Julian Marquez, “The Cuban Missile Crisis,” who earned his contract with DCWS, would go up against Saparbek Safarov in the said division. Looking into both of these players’ tales of the tape, Marquez got seven wins and two losses while Safarov has nine wins and three defeats.

Joining the party in the Middleweight class co-main card is Eryk Anders and Antonio Arroyo. The “Ya Boi” Anders is looking to finish another DCWS alumna, Antonio Arroyo, this Saturday. He is a current Light Heavyweight champion and currently holds 13 wins and five losses. Meanwhile, Antonio Arroyo will defend his Middleweight belt with nine wins and three defeats in his current MMA record.

Also, an exciting class fight will take place before these two mentioned matches take place. Brenda Allen is up for a catchweight tilt against Sean Strickland. Initially, Allen is set to face Ian Heinisch but was pulled out since he tested positive for COVID-19. With a shorter notice time, Stickland came out to save the day to replace the said player.

Prelim Fighters Are Looking To Get Back In Shape

Another reason why the UFC Fight Night 183 is unique compared to the past episodes is because of the players participating in the undercard bout. There are seven divisions at stake in the prelims, and 11 players will come out at APEX with a losing streak. For many years, UFC episodes highlight MMA fighters from a winning streak, yet the 183 editions are heading a different way.

For many years, this is the first time that the UFC had made unimaginable match-ups in the prelims. However, this will give fighters a bigger opportunity to get back in shape after experiencing a losing streak. Moreover, these MMA fighters have been hungry for victory and will surely give out their best inside the octagon.

Hence, if you have been tracking the UFC games since you got hooked-up to this event, make sure not to miss the UFC Fight Night 183. Betting games are also highlighted, so this is the perfect time to closely know each fighter and find the most deserving player to wager.


The many setbacks that UFC Fight Night 183 had faced are not accidental. From pulling out Mackachev and Heinisch in the main cards to losing streak fighters in the prelims, these incidents make this event more intense and exciting. Don’t forget to switch your eyes at APEX Facility in Las Vegas this Saturday to witness the best of UFC Fight Night 183 has to offer.