NXT UK Heritage Cup Finals Set

Tonight’s NXT UK main event was the 2nd semi final of the UK Heritage cup tournament, as Dave Mastiff faces off with Trent Seven in the battle of the black country. A-Kid has already booked himself a place in the tournament final when he defeated Noam Dar in last weeks NXT UK’s main event.

Round 1

Neither man wanted to back down, Mastiff managed to take control in the first round with the strength advantage. The first round came to an end as the men clashed in the centre of the ring both attempting a cross body, Seven got the worst of it.

Round 2

Mastiff immediately went to work on Seven’s rib cage with brutal knees to his body, however when Mastiff would attempt to drop all of his body weight on Seven, he would miss and Seven would capitalize stacking Mastiff up in a pin attempt getting the first fall by pin fall.

Round 3

Despite loosing a fall in the previous round, Mastiff would dominate most of this round continuing to attack Seven’s rib cage, at the end of the round Mastiff reversed a Seven Star Lariat attempt and would land a forearm that would knock Seven out only for him to be saved by the bell.

Round 4

Mastiff continued to dominate the dazed Seven, before landing a cannonball to a prone Seven in the Corner pinning him and evening the score 1-1.

Round 5

Mastiff would look to finish Seven off but Seven reversed the superplex into sun set flip powerbomb off of the middle rope that Mastiff would block, Seven would chop the back Mastiff’s leg setting him up for a Burning Hammer after landing it, Trent Seven picked up the win by pin fall.

Trent Seven progresses onto the finals of the UK Heritage Cup tournament where he will face off with A-Kid to crown the very first Heritage Cup winner.

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