Lance Archer Talks Signing With AEW and New Japan Contracts

Recently AEW star Lance Archer had an interview with well-known wrestling interviewer, Chris Van Vliet. Archer has exploded onto the American pro wrestling scene with a vengeance. Currently managed by the legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Archer is one of the most physically imposing wrestlers AEW have and it’s hard to imagine that companies such as the WWE wouldn’t have been interesting in signing him.

Archer gave some insight to what happened before signing with All Elite Wrestling.

When all of this started last year, it started close to about this time. It was December of 2019 when I had just finished up the New Japan Tag League tour literally two days prior and AEW came to town to Dallas, Texas so I went there just to see some friends and whatnot because there’s a lot of people that I’ve been around the business with and become really good friends with. That was kind of where the seed was planted because people were asking what my situation was. And at that time, my situation with New Japan was that I did not have a full-time contract. I was still running under the old system of tour by tour. That was just kind of how they did business with the foreigners throughout the history of wrestling. You show up, you sign a little deal, you work the tour, that’s your contract and when it’s done, you’re finished as far as that contract is concerned. But I had done that, at that point for eight and a half years with New Japan. So I didn’t go looking for a job but ultimately that’s kind of what happened. I’ve been lucky and blessed in a lot of different ways. I’ve worked in a lot of different places from TNA to WWE for a short cup of coffee, I showed up in Ring of Honor a few times, I worked down in Mexico with AAA and different places like that. So I’ve bounced around and been a journeyman to say the least.

Lance Archer speaking to Chris Van Vliet about how he ended up signing with AEW
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Lance Archer goes on to discuss multiple different aspects of himself and history in this detailed interview.

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