AEW vs. NJPW: Dream Matches (Part One)

One of’s contributing writers, Brendan Bradley, conjured up who he would like to see clash if the two smark adored promotions came together to put on the show of all shows.

Hello, everyone!

After my college instituted hiatus, I am finally back!  

A lot has changed in the past couple of months since I last wrote for The two constants that have remained are my enjoyment of both AEW and NJPW, every single week. So, in order to ease myself back into the rhythm of writing, I made a list of some dream matches from the two promotions, and over the next couple to several weeks – in no particular order – we’ll be discussing them!  

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Match #1 

MJF VS Hiromu Takahashi

We kick things off with a clash between two of the best talents in their respective promotions, despite both experiencing their “overall size” as being what some consider a disadvantage, as the crafty and always confident, Maxwell Jacob Freedman, does battle with the heroic and high-flying, Hiromu Takahashi.

These two have made some incredible moments recently in pro wrestling, which have helped put their respective companies on the map. That consideration gives this match an incredibly enticing aura of the futures of both companies colliding in one, huge, glimpse-into-the-future match! 

The contrast in styles is something that excites me about these two men, as they couldn’t be any more different from one another – both inside AND outside of the ring. MJF is the more grounded, conservative of the two, while Hiromu pulls out all of the stops every-single-time he steps into the ring. 

All of that together signifies that – regardless of the result – we would certainly be in for a once-in-a-lifetime clash if this took place. 

Match #2 

Shingo Takagi VS Orange Cassidy

Second on this list, is a match that, on paper, may look weird – BUT, it’s one that really intrigues me, in theory, as Orange Cassidy takes on Shingo Takagi. 

These have been two of my personal favorites to watch since I have been spectating each respective promotion and I think their characters and styles would clash in a really entertaining manner with both of their feverish fanbases cheering on their favorite “alternative” personality, (one might muse).

Even if you choose to look past the captivating crowd reaction that this is bound to create and conduct, these two men both have incredibly explosive and exciting offenses that would be great to see against each other, strictly from an in-ring perspective, in general! Also, the winner of this match would brilliantly establish either one of these athletes as someone to seriously watch out for in the foreseeable future, regarding championship opportunities in their home promotion, heading into 2021 and beyond. 

Match #3

Kazuchika Okada VS Christoper Daniels 

Third on this list would be a captivating clash between two former world champions – who both have lengthy lists of great moments and achievements, despite an almost TWO-DECADE gap in their ages – I’m talking about Kazuchika Okada, in the prime of his career, at 33, and Christoper Daniels, still quite viable, at 50 years old. I have been a fan of both of these men for a very long time now and I think that both of them tend to be somewhat undervalued by fans – Daniels much more so than Okada, but I still feel as though neither are given the due they have rightfully earned. 

So, I thought it would be fun to match them up and see how their styles would mix.  Also, the veteran versus rookie dynamic is always fun when executed properly and I’m certain that this would be no different – although, Okada is far past rookie status, and Daniels is near Hall-of-Fame status, rather than Veteran, but when you look at the difference in ages, it’s not far off from the age old veteran-rookie showdowns we all know and love.

From stellar submissions to scintillating strikes we could see a little bit of everything in this high-stakes match-up as both men would look to continue their climb back into the pro wrestling history books after a rough year or so for each of them:  both in storyline AND out of it. 

This would be incredibly intriguing regardless of the result and I would love to see what would happen if The Rainmaker crossed paths with The Fallen Angel, with both men looking for one more ticket to the top! 

Match #4

Cody Rhodes VS Jay White

Lastly on this “Part One” of NJPW versus AEW Dream Matches, is a bout between, in my personal opinion, the two best characters in their respective promotions. As the Bullet Clubs’ legendary leader, Jay White steps up to face an excellent – dare I say – “Elite” athlete in Cody Rhodes. Over the past year, these two men have wowed audiences across countless countries with their in-ring acumen and superb storytelling night in and night out.  

As a matter of fact, I would go on record as saying that these two could be – maybe even “are arguably” – the two BEST wrestlers in the world, period – regardless of any match style or metric that could be thrown down to decipher that shared title and that undoubtedly, unbelievable match.

Not to mention, they already have a built-in story that was never quite resolved regarding their two factions, “The Elite” and “The Bullet Club,” and the incredible depth of history that exists between them. The stable war storyline gives this potential match an extra boost of intensity and intrigue that no other match on this hypothetical card could produce.  That makes this dream match both brilliantly personal – with just the right amount of stable-twisted influence on the side – between two of the most polarizing and talented athletes in all of professional wrestling, today.  


Hopefully, you guys enjoyed reading this article as much as I loved writing it.  Your support is – sincerely – greatly appreciated. I will see you all back here in two weeks, where I will reveal the second and final half of this fantastical fantasy card!  Be kind, folks, and take care of each other!


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