WWE Raw Preview 10/26

Good morning wrestling fans! DNezz back in the saddle on this crisp Monday morning and we’re getting ready for tonight’s episode of Raw; a mere 24 hours removed from an electric Hell In A Cell event!

At this point in time, WWE has not released any information on a potential match card for tonight, but after last night we can certainly speculate on a few things. I will keep as up to date as I can via my Twitter: @ItzMeItzMeItDBD but for now, here’s what I certainly to expect to see tonight.

Randy Orton’s Coronation as WWE Champion

The Viper was in classic form last night and this lead to a victory over WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre and The Viper’s 14th Title reign in the WWE; tying fellow legend, HHH, for second overall in WWE History (Cena/Flair 1st). Tonight will see a new “Era of Orton” which should kick off the program tonight. It is unclear as to if Drew and Randy will have one final rematch but we will certainly turn our attentions toward Survivor Series.

Retribution and The Hurt Business Continue their Turf War

Last night’s US Title match pitted Bobby Lashley against Retribution’s Slapjack and despite his best efforts, Slapjack would come up short against the CEO of the Hurt Business. The real story would be the fallout; however, as Retribution would hope to gain the upper hand against WWE’s Fortune 500 Enterprise. Their hostile takeover would be interrupted by a staff meeting and The Hurt Business still came out on top. While it’s no secret that stock in Retribution is falling fast, don’t be surprised if WWE turn thing’s around with a Hail Mary in the coming weeks. As for tonight, Retribution are clearly on the ropes and Ali & Co. need to make an emphatic statement to gain ground on WWE’s hottest faction.

“I’m Not Finished With You”

While we have certainly heard The Monster Among Men proclaim this in some of his feud’s, it would be The Limitless One who would declare that this gargantuan feud was far from over. After last week’s, “heads up” play by Strowman, it’s safe to say that Lee will be looking for some retribution of his own.

Et Tu, Tuckey?

Talk about a fall from grace ladies and gents. Last night, The Miz’s plan would come to fruition and after defeating the Blue Collar Big Man, Otis, Miz is now the holder of the Money In The Bank Contract. This, of course, was only after Miz used his influence to: Send Mandy Rose to Raw; Break up Otis’ tag team, Heavy Machinery; Gain an opportunity to obtain Otis’ MItB Contract at HIAC; and win that match after Otis was betrayed by his former best friend, Tucker. While it is unclear if Otis will focus on Tucker or Miz, it certainly appears that the Cinderella Run of Otis may have taken its course.


Since his return to the Red Brand, Bray Wyatt has certainly been a busy bee; interfering in the going’s on between The Hurt Business and Retribution and introducing a new friend to The Firefly Funhouse. But what does it all mean? Certainly, Wyatt will continue his reign of terror of the Raw locker room but who will he focus on first? It would appear that he may have taken an interest in Retribution but their current feud with MVP & Co. seems to be the top story. Perhaps our new WWE Champion, Randy Orton. It’s no secret that these two men are no strangers to each other and Wyatt is still on his Revenge Tour. Has The Apex Predator sent out a beacon now that he has gold around his waist? Or will there be a surprise in the mix? After all, next month’s Survivor Series focuses around a certain Deadman’s 30th year with the company…

I’ll be keeping everyone updated as more information is released so be sure to get on Twitter and follow me @ItzMeItzMeItDBD and be sure to check back tonight for all of your live coverage needs.

See y’all, tonight!

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