WWE Raw Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction 10/26

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! DNezz here and we are coming to you live from the Thunderdome for tonight’s episode of Raw! Despite the silence from WWE, we have learned that former WWE Drew McIntyre will be opening tonight’s show to address the WWE Universe after his date with Randy Orton in last night’s Hell In A Cell Main Event. So buckle up kiddies because we’re in for an evening of surprises!

And we open the show with the former WWE Champion who slowly makes his way to the ring. McIntyre addresses the WWE Universe and seems a bit out of sorts for a man who was just defeated the night previous. McIntyre attempts to explain his demeanor but is interrupted by the new Mr. Money In The Bank and his perennial sidekick, Johnny Drip-Drip. Miz takes little time to offend McIntyre and Morrison follows suit before The Scottish Psychopath would dispatch both men and declare that he “has an idea he’ll run by management”. We then come to discover that Survivor Series is underway as we have qualifying matches for the PPV’s Raw Team. Tonight we will see Matt Riddle battle The Celtic Warrior, Keith Lee square off against Elias, fresh off his DQ victory against Jeff Hardy. As for Jeff Hardy, he will also be part of the qualifying rounds as he squares off against The Phenomenal AJ Styles, and that match is next!

Jeff Hardy v. AJ Styles: Survivor Series Qualifyer

After Styles decided to yet again, attack the demons of his opponent, we are finally ready to get under way. Hardy appears confident despite the pillar of a man in the corner of his opponent. Styles and Hardy open with good stiff shots as neither man are strangers to each other. Hardy plays a bit of cat and mouse as he baits Styles to the floor. Hardy ascends to the top rope and sets to fly but is abruptly caught by Styles’ new bodyguard.

We return to the action as Styles connects with a Pele Kick followed by a Brainbuster. Hardy would recover and send Styles into the corner as he connects with hanging dropkick in the corner. Styles would surprise hardy though and connect with the Racked Neckbreaker. It appears that Styles may have tweaked his knee in the exchange. Styles would connect with a Rack Bomb…

but Hardy would recover and appear to perch himself for a Swanton Bomb but Styles would catch the leg and drop Hardy hard on his damaged knee. Styles would then send Hardy into the post and back into the ring with a clothesline before hitting the Phenomenal Forearm for the pinfall victory and the first spot on Raw’s Survivor Series Men’s Team. To add insult to injury, Hardy would fall victim to another guitar smashed across his back, thanks to the sneak attack of Elias.

Lucha House Party v. Drew Gulak and Akira Towzawa

Well we thought we would see a decent tag team match but R-Truth thought it would be a good idea to go scout the competition and all hell broke loose as everyone scrambled to try and remove the Champion from his title. Truth would narrowly escape with all four men in tow.

But now we all take part in tonight’s episode of The Firefly Funhouse, and it appears that we are all invited to a Halloween Party! Our hosts have welcomed us and offered refreshments but I wouldn’t drink that tea if I were you as Lil’ Miss Bliss introduces her secret ingredient… Arsenic! Poor Ramblin’ Rabbit. Bliss would then announce her special guest for A Moment of Bliss, Raw’s new WWE Champion, Randy Orton! It certainly seemed to agitate The Clown Prince of WWE as Wyatt finishes poor Ramblin’ Rabbit after seemingly surviving Alexa’s libation.

Elias v. Keith Lee

As we open the match, it certainly seems as though Lee will have the power advantage but that won’t stop Elias as he looks to be the second man to qualify for the Men’s Team. Lee would have other plans as he would dominate his smaller opponent in and out of the ring. Lee would set for the Spirit Bomb but Elias would counter with a massive Hurricanrana! Elias would then go smashmouth on Lee from a knee strike to a slamming Lee into the post and it appeared that Elias may pull the upset but a well-timed distraction from Jeff Hardy would position Lee into victory as he drove Elias into the canvas with the Spirit Bomb. Keith Lee is your number two on the Men’s Survivor Series Team.

Then to add insult to injury…

The Hurt Business v. Retribution

We kick things off with T-Bar and Bobby Lashley as the two Clydesdales lock up and bull around the ring. Lashley would get the upper hand and tag in MVP who would run into a ripsaw in Mace. Mace would declare revenge for his brother, slapjack as he beat down MVP and immediately tagged in Slapjack for the cleanup. Slapjack wouldn’t be much help though as MVP would rally but an odd bit of interference from Reckoning would lead to MVP’s elimination…

but Retribution’s favor would fail as Reckoning would be sent to the locker room following her indiscretion. The tides would turn even more as Lashley would catch Slapjack with an enormous spear and send him back to the back.

T-bar would return and the two bulls would continue their battle. Both men would take it to the outside but fail to remember the ref’s 10 count and be counted out; leaving the match at two members per team.

Alexander would then step up to take on the much larger Mace but put on a rather impressive showing. Mace would eventually overpower him but a blind tag would set up Mace’s departure from the match and leave Ali alone with Alexander and Benjamin. Alexander would tag back in and the two would have a rather heated and impressive showing…

until Ali lost control and took the coward’s way out, slamming a chair into the back of Alexander and being disqualified, ending the match. Ali would then be cornered by The hurt Business but narrowly escape through the virtual crowd.

The Miz v. Drew McIntyre

Miz must be concerned, to say the least, as The Scottish Psychopath pulled some strings himself and secured this opportunity at a bit of revenge on The Miz. The Miz would pull out every trick in the book including a bit of help from Johnny Drip-Drip…

But it would all be in vain as McIntyre would connect with a single Claymore kick and send Miz to dreamland. It’s McIntyre for the win and he looks like a man hellbent on regaining his WWE Championship.

But what is this? It’s simply not Raw without an appearance from our tag champs, The Street… I mean The New Day!

We return to ringside as Adam Pearce announces the Women’s Survivor Series Team; consisting of The Women’s Tag Team Champions, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose and the winner of our next match!

Lana v. Lacey Evans v. Peyton Royce v. Nikki Cross

We return to our match currently underway and it appears that Peyton Royce would be in charge of the action as she clears house and focuses on Cross. Royce slows the pace and works over her opponent. Royce would lose control and Nikki would go on a tear until she was overwhelmed by the numbers game. Royce would again dictate the pace as she tosses women left and right but Nikki Cross would look to capitalize, but instead it would be the eternal opportunist Lana who would make the most of her opportunity and collect the pinfall as her opponents lay motionless from a hard-fought battle. You’re 5th member of Raw’s Women’s Team folks… And look happy her fellow team members are.

Well, at least Nia was excited to see Lana…

Matt Riddle v. Sheamus: Qualifying Match

It’s a perfect match of conflicting styles as Riddle looks to showcase his MMA skills but he’s dealing with The Celtic Warrior, a classic brawler who can end it in an instant. Riddle comes out fast as he shoots the double and frustrates Sheamus as he drops him to the ground. Sheamus would come back with his own brand of wrestling as he bulls down the Bro and smothers him. Riddle would battle out and look to pick up the pace but Sheamus would turn the heat up and continue to batter Riddle.

We return from break in the same place we left, with Sheamus controlling Riddle from the ground. Riddle would somehow find a bit of reserve and Sheamus would try to stave off the assault but Riddle would not be denied! Riddle begins his rapid attack and charges into the corner landing forearms to the face of Sheamus. Sheamus would follow up with a massive knee strike and a pinfall but Riddle would narrowly kick out. Sheamus would take the risk and climb the turnbuckle but Riddle would meet him halfway. Sheamus would dispatch him to the ground and Riddle would return to the top as he launched Sheamus with a top rope exploder! Both men are absolutely spent but neither refuse to concede. Riddle would attempt to put Sheamus to sleep but Sheamus would take advantage of a weakened Riddle and connect with the Brogue Kick for the pinfall and third spot on the Raw Men’s Team.

But it is time folks,


It is A Moment of Bliss and Randy Orton is our special guest for the evening. Orton makes his way to the ring but The Viper is poised, head on a swivel as he realizes that he may be walking into a trap. Alexa invites him to sit but Orton knows better as he wearily responds to Alexa’s inquiry on his victory from last night. Alexa would show her hand though as she credited Orton for “burning the house down”. That certainly set off Orton though as he realized what was waiting. Too bad he was wrong… partially.

I did say partially…

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