Exclusive – Grado Discusses His Wrestling Debut And Meeting Goldberg In Vegas

In the most recent ‘In Our House Podcast’, the crew of Faz, Chris and Stewart sat down with British wrestling legend Grado. The interview was centred around his experiences in the wrestling industry and more.

Grado would discuss how he debuted in wrestling and the creation of the name ‘Grado’,

I got my debut in 2004 because I was getting trained by a bad guy named conscious and he said I need a tag team called the Low-Landers. He goes you and you, He says you’re going to be the Dunbar Brothers. Then he (conscious) came along as I’m getting my trunks to wrestle and he was like who’s gonna be grant or glen, decide. So for years and years and years I wrestled as Grant DunBar until I went to magaluf and got a tattoo on the side of my arm called Grado and as soon as I came back I went fuck it, my name is Grado, So, Grado was born

Grado would the discuss how he infamously missed a wrestling show in order to go Vegas on holiday, but would bump into WCW and WWE legend Goldberg,

When i was in Vegas, i remember I was in the hotel with my brother who doesn’t really know anything about wrestling and I saw Goldberg and i swear to good I shat myself. I was like Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg, I’m a wrestler as well! He’s like “Cool Brother” I got talking to him and I was asking him questions like “what do you think of Vince McMahon”? No. “Will you ever be on the Steve Austin podcast”? No! But I managed to get him to say something like “Goldberg, Who’s Next”? And he went IT’s YOURSELF and that was like the coolest thing

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