WWE Hell In A Cell Results – 10/25/20

30 foot long, 30 foot wide, and 20 foot tall… Yowee Wowee ladies and gents, it must be Hell In A Cell tonight! And what better way to get rolling than with our kickoff show action. It’s the 24/7 Title and it’s next!

Drew Gulak v. R-Truth: 24/7 Title Match

We kickoff our evening’s event with the 24/7 Champion and an opponent who has been chasing the heels of both the champion, Truth, and his companion Lil’ Jimmy. The match opens to a rather odd exchange between the Challenger and Lil’ Jimmy; where Gulak seemed to be bonding with the little guy, before punting him across the Thunderdome!

This sends Truth into a rage as he barrels toward Gulak to avenge his fallen companion. Gulak impressively displays his technical prowess within a wrestling ring as he takes Truth to the limit, but with a little guidance from his “Childhood Hero”, Truth would pour it on and sneak out a victory, before darting out of the ring as other challengers descended from the locker room.

Hell In A Cell Main Show


Jey Uso v. Roman Reigns: I Quit Match in Hell In A Cell

Good golly Miss Molly, can the stakes be any higher in our opening bout of the evening as Blood meets Blood; not only inside the demonic structure known as, Hell In A Cell but also under “I Quit Match” Rules. Both men stand tall in the squared circle, eyes locked; the challenger in the white pants, the champion in black. The door locks and we are underway! The two collide and Jey has the advantage, Roman hurls him into the ropes and meets him with a shoulder charge that drops Uso to the mat. This is a different Roman Reigns, ladies and gentlemen. The champion clearly does not take his opponent seriously as he meanders around the ring; a cold stoic look in his eyes as he marvels at his work. Roman charges toward Uso in the corner but the challenger throws the boots and catches the champion in his recently bleached teeth. Uso proceeds to batter the Universal Champion with a barrage of suicide dives and smashes into the cell. Uso rolls his cousin back into the ring and attempts to build on his offense but is once again stifled by Reigns. Roman would then hope to finish things with a spear but Uso would refuse to give in.

Reigns would then deliver another more physical spear than before but the challenger would refuse to give in as the Champion mutters, ney begs for his cousin to quit. Uso would turn the tables and connect with two Samoan Splashes from the top, but Roman would refuse to give in. Jey would go searching for an equalizer and find a leather strap under the ring and while Uso would certainly get his licks in…

it would be Reigns who would return the favor ten fold before wrapping the strap around the wrist of Uso. Uso would grab the ropes and fight off the champion before using momentum as his ally and diving fist first into the jaw of Roman Reigns and rattling some teeth. The two would continue exchanging beatings but Roman would lock in the guillotine and put Uso to sleep, but a sleeping man can’t say “I Quit” and Roman is now tasked with continuing to destroy his own blood for the good of the tribe. What happened next would certainly shock the world as Roman would first deliver a drive-by to a lifeless Jey Uso, then follow up with a second drive-by; this time, to the steel steps that cradled Jey Uso’s head against the turnbuckle. The ref would declare that the match must be stopped but could not officially deliver the verdict as Roman refused to be denied a second time.

Roman would look to pour on the punishment but Jimmy Uso would dive over the lifeless body of his brother, begging Roman to come to his senses and end the madness.

It would appear that the family would unite under one banner once more before Roman would show his true colors and sink in the guillotine on Jimmy now. Jey Uso would finally come to; seeing his brother being choked out, he had no choice but to say I Quit and concede to Reigns.

Jeff Hardy v. Elias

After a spirited concert and sudden interruption, the two stars open the bout fast and stiff with Hardy gaining the upper hand. Hardy would attempt a pin but only get the two count and return to smothering his broader opponent. Elias would send Hardy toppling to the outside and the two would continue this around the ring. Hardy would go for the high risk as he took flight from the steel steps, hoping to connect with Elias on the barricade, but Elias had other plans as he ducked the attack and sent Hardy reeling. Hardy would beat the 10 count back into the ring and Elias would smell blood in the water.

Hardy would catch Elias and look to end things after a barrage of Vintage Hardy. Hardy, poised on the top for the Swanton Bomb, would watch as Elias crept under the bottom rope and sprawled across the apron. So Hardy would improvise as only he does and adjust his body to continue the assault. Elias would roll out of the ring completely and grab his guitar. Hardy would counter and finally allow his frustrations to get the better of him as he smashes the guitar across the back of Elias.

Otis v. The Miz: Winner Claims the MITB Contract

Otis would finally get his hands on the Miz after weeks of torment from the A-Lister. Miz would attempt to use some classic Miz tactics but the size and power of Otis would cause Miz trouble. Miz would finally target the knee of Otis and send him sprawling to the mat with a DDT. Miz would continue the assault with some IT Kicks and a little help from Johnny Drip Drip…

but Otis would beef up and fight back before the ultimate betrayal would commence as Heavy Machinery would officially split. Tuckey would take the MITB Briefcase and drive it into the skull of his former best friend and Miz would not only look on in amazement but roll Otis up for the pinfall and the MITB Contract.

Sasha Banks v. Bayley: Hell In A Cell Smackdown Women’s Title

Talk about a grudge match; it’s part two of the Banks v. Bayley saga, first at NXT Takeover, but tonight they battle inside Hell In A Cell. The match opens as expected as Sasha must chase a running champion, but one can only run so far as Sasha looks to take all of her frustration out on The WWE’s resident Role Model. The two women would battle on the outside; Bayley looking for any weapon she can, and Banks just simply wanting to bare-knuckle it. Bayley’s relentless would be obliged as Banks would finally play her game and lay some lumber on the champion. Bayley would attempt to create some offense but the more experienced Banks knows exactly how to work inside the cell. As Sasha would gain more and more momentum, her creative nature would be her end as she was caught in her own setup and driven through stairs and kendo sticks.

Bayley would finally hop in the driver’s seat; targeting the recently healed neck of Banks. Banks would fend off her attacker and roll to the apron after multiple pinning attempts. Bayley would appear to be in control until Banks would counter with an impressive rolling powerbomb to the outside, but it would only be a flash in the pan as the relentless Bayley would continue her smashmouth attack on The Boss. Bayley would look to put an end to the evening as she delivered her signature elbow drop on the challenger but only to the tune of a two count. Sasha would explode once more with a backstabber and transition into the Banks Statement before the champion would drag her to the apron and trap her with the ring skirt as she released a barrage of strikes with a kendo stick. Bayley would use a bit of creativity on the outside but abandon her plans to keep the challenger down.

Banks would rally and begin her own assault on the champ. Banks would climb to the top and deliver the frog splash but Bayley would cover herself with a steel chair. Banks appeared to be out for the count as the Champion would set her big crescendo; setting up two chairs and a ladder and lay out Banks as she climbed the ropes, chair in hand and narrowly missed connecting with the impact.

Both women have given their all and Bayley looked to pick up the win and reclaim her title but Banks had other plans as she set Bayley in the Banks Statement, with a little help from Bayley’s old friend. Bayley would have no choice but to tap out and allow Sasha Banks to obtain the one title that has evaded her… Congratulations to the new Smackdown Women’s Champion and Grandslam Champion; The Boss, Sasha Banks!

Slapjack v. Bobby Lashley: US Title Match

This match was certainly put together last minute and it certainly looked it as well. The Challenger, Slapjack of Retribution would hope to perhaps collect a victory and the United States Title as makes his way to the ring, but this was ultimately a dud as Slapjack seemed more like slapstick against the physically dominant Lashley, despite this piece of offense that rattled The Almighty One.

But the match was mostly a lot of this…

And in the end, it was none other than The Almighty Bobby Lashley retaining his US Title and claiming another victory for the Hurt Business.

Randy Orton v. Drew McIntyre: WWE Championship Hell In A Cell Match

It is time for our main event as we get ready for two bulls to collide inside Hell In A Cell. As we thought that Drew McIntyre was making his entrance to the ring, Orton would come crashing the party as he attempted to gain an advantage over the WWE Champion. McIntyre would fend off the sneak attack and begin to beat the Viper. McIntyre would toss Orton into the ring, slam the door behind him and demand the cell be locked as both men would square off in the ring.

The bell sounds and both men collide as they continue to brawl. Orton would look to hit the RKO early but the Champion would toss him aside and follow up with a clothesline to the floor. Both men would continue the slamboree as McIntyre would carry Orton around the ringside, like a ragdoll; driving Orton’s body into whatever he pleased before dropping Orton like a sack of potatoes. McIntyre would finally begin to lose himself though as he hurled the steel steps toward the head of Orton like an Olympian hurling a shotput. McIntyre would return the action to the ring and attempt a Claymore only for Orton to roll out of the way and deliver a well-timed chair shot to the knee of the champion. It would be all Orton from there as he took his own assault to the outside and battered the champion with a combination of stairs, chairs, the cell, and a sadistic nature that has lead Orton down the path of greatness throughout his career.

Both men would return to the ring again as Orton would continue his beating of the champion. Orton would hit his variation of a backbreaker for the pin but the Champion would kick out at one, leaving Orton questioning who his opponent is and what must be done to keep him down.

Orton would center himself and attempt to continue the beating but the champion would have other plans as McIntyre would pick up momentum and begin tossing Orton around the ring like a child. The action would return to the outside as McIntyre sends Orton through a table with another overhead belly to belly and both men appear to be spent.

The action would ebb for a minute as both men look to recharge their batteries but Orton would have a new plan of attack as he pulls a set of bolt cutters from under the ring and removed the chain and lock from the cell door. It would appear that Orton may be heading for the back but McIntyre stops him in his tracks before Orton’s plan would finally reveal itself as Orton opted to climb to the top of the Cell and demand his opponent meet him there to finish this war.

Both men ascend to the top, both men give a look to each other as if to say they understand what must be done as Orton reveals a steel pipe to his opponent. Orton swings but misses as McIntyre brings him down and batters him atop the cage.

Orton would second guess his plan as he attempts to scale the cage back down to the floor with McIntyre in pursuit. Both men would stop midway and continue to punish each other against the cell; Orton winning the exchange as sends The Scottish Psychopath crashing through the announce table and to the floor.

McIntyre would attempt to stand but could only drag himself to back to the cell door as Orton stands over, menacing at his work. Both men would enter the ring and Orton would position himself for the RKO. McIntyre would stand but counter with a backslide, Orton would roll out but the battered Champion would somehow find a way to connect with a Claymore Kick; sending Orton out of the ring. McIntyre would somehow lift Orton back into the ring and set up for one final kick to the skull of the Legend Killer, but Orton would have other plans as he would bottom out, narrowly avoiding the Scotsman’s foot and delivering the RKO for the 1, 2, 3 and title number 14 for The Legend Killer, The Apex Predator, The Viper but for me, simply the best today. Congratulations to the new WWE Champion; now tied with HHH for the 2nd most title reigns in WWE History: Randy Orton.

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