Pelle Primeau Has Organised ‘Go Fund Me’ For Legal Costs Against Joey Ryan

Former Ring of Honor wrestler Pelle Primeau (real name Pelle Tsichlis), has had a lawsuit filed against him by Joey Ryan. Pelle is the 7th person to have charges filed against them in Joey Ryan’s legal dispute.

Much like the other charges filed, Joey Ryan is targeting those who have led to libel and defamation of character that caused him to lose income from wrestling. Pelle took to Twitter over the summer to encourage people to speak out against Ryan, and actively encouraged companies to not sign him.

Due to this legal challenge, Pelle Primeau has opened a Go Fund Me page in order to help fight the lawsuit. The Go Fund Me states,

Hey all, if you’re here then you’re aware that I am currently in the middle of a legal dispute. While I won’t be delving too deep into the details here, you should know this is a matter of grave importance for me, and for 8 years of emotional trauma I’ve suffered, and am currently having to relive during this difficult situation.

I will not be going back on my word, and I will not say something re: the situation at hand that is not true; I am steadfast in my innocence and believe this situation goes beyond my innocence, and very well proves that I have been wronged in many ways over this last decade.

Someone asked me what I planned on doing when word of the dispute hit the usual channels, and my answer to them, and everyone else, is that I am going to do what I have done my entire life: I am going to fight, I am going to fight with every fiber of my being to come out on the other end.

But I cannot do this alone.

My logistic situation puts me in a unique position – I may need to utilize the services of 2 separate forms of legal representation, being that my dispute originates in CA, and I live in PA, I am currently looking at the difficult situation of affording two lawyers to help me fight this battle.

I’ve never asked for something quite like this, and I hope no one ever has to feel the uncertainty that I am feeling right now in doing so. With a strong funding moving forward for legal costs that I am about to incur, we can take a step together in helping make sure a situation like this won’t have to happen to anyone again in the future.

I thank you for reading, I thank you for any donation, no matter how little or small, I thank you for caring, I thank you for being you.

All of my love,


The full details of the Go Fund Me can be found HERE.

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