NXT UK Review: 10.22.20

If you’ve not had a chance to check out last weeks NXT UK, stop whatever you’re doing, hop onto the WWE Network, watch it, then come back. Seriously. It’s a great episode.

Done that? Good. Hot on the heels of an amazing tag team main event that saw WALTER and Alexander Wolfe take on Ilja Dragunov and a returning Pete Dunne, we’re back with more from the men and women of NXT UK. Before the show, Sid Scala revealed we’re getting the official contract signing for the UK Championship clash between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov. Expect fireworks. Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness are your hosts. Here. We. Go.

Oliver Carter Vs Eddie Dennis

Eddie Dennis and Oliver Carter both step into the ring for the first time at the BT Sport Centre tonight. Dennis is looking really lean after coming back from his neck surgery. Strong mat wrestling kicks things off tonight, with Dennis eating some strong strikes from Oliver Carter. A short Palmstrike on Carter lures him into a wild charge, which Dennis ducks to send his opponent flying out of the ring. Back inside, and Carter eats a stiff Irish Whip into the corner.

A second wind sees Carter deliver some stiff chops and a European Uppercut, which he follows with a Tornado Facebuster and a Suicide Dive. A nice Superkick / Springboard Moonsault combo gets two for Carter. A Spinning Heel Kick pushes Dennis to the corner, and Carter follows up quickly in the corner – but Dennis lands the Severn Bridge for the win.

Dennis hints that Flash Morgan Webster’s attacker from a few weeks ago was none other than this tag team partner Mark Andrews. Say it ain’t so, boys. We get a nice promo package for the returning Joe Coffey, due to rejoin his Gallus brothers soon. Jordan Devlin is back next week too. Gonna be a busy hour.

Amale Vs Nina Samuels

Nina Samuels’ music sounds like an unreleased instrumental Portishead track. Anyhoo. We’re back with the women’s division. Amale is the first French woman on the NXT UK roster. C’est vrais.

An aggressive start sees both women brawl pretty wildly – they last met at the Women’s Champion’s State of the Union – so no love lost here. Amele gets a quick two count after a Clothesline on Samuels, but wastes no time tying up Samuels’ neck with her legs. Amele gets hung out on the top rope for her trouble, with Samuels taking control and slapping on a Bodyscissors which nicely transitions into a Hammerlock / Fujiwara Armbar. Nice.

Amele lands a lovely Northern Lights Suplex for two, but Samuels reverses an Irish Whip to land the Final Act Swinging Neckbreaker for the win.

And it’s time for the next round in the Heritage Cup. The winner of this next match will face Dave Mastiff, who advanced via knockout last week.

Trent Seven Vs Kenny Williams

Trent Seven took the name of his local water provider, Seven Trent, flipped it around and created his name. Come for the wrestling review, stay for the Midlands trivia.

Williams earned his spot in the tourney as the Wild Cart entrant, winning a triple threat match a few weeks ago. This should be great – here’s our main event.

“Seven’s been around the block a few times,” says McGuinness. I’d prefer to call him experienced.

Both men tie up and wrestle to the ropes a few times – with a clean break on each occasion. Tis a gentleman’s sport. Test of strength won by Trent. Williams attempts a leaping Crossbody, but Trent plucks him out of the air for a Bodyslam. Round one, and it’s honours even.

Round two kicks off with more classic British mat wrestling. A second rope Springboard Elbow gets two for Williams, who goes back to the Headlock to keep control of the bigger man.

Trent pushes his opponent into the ropes, and doubles him up with a Headbutt to the stomach. Trent hoists Williams up for what looked like a Powerbomb… but the bell puts a stop to that and ends round two.

Williams switches his attention to the legs of Seven, applying a punishing Anklelock to keep Trent on the mat. In a lovely sequence, a rebounding Trent chops the life out of Williams…

…then fakes a second Chop to deliver a lovely DDT.

You gotta love Trent Seven. With eight seconds on the clock, Trent levels Williams with a wrist-controlled Short Clothesline for the three. Okada would approve.


Round four barely has time to get going before Williams Leapfrogs over Trent and pins his opponent for three with a Double Leg Nelson. It took him 37 seconds. That’s a short round. The next decision will win it for either man.

Round five and it’s time for British Strong Style to take over. Both men hammer away at each other – they’re getting tired.

A trade of forearms and a Snapdragon Suplex gets Trent a two count. Trent climbs to the top, and Williams does this…

…but Trent rolls through on the Hurricanrana and pins Williams for the three. Trent wins! Great match, and a strong outing from both men.

We’re back in the ring for the official contract signing for the NXT UK Championship match next week. Sid Scala is going to oversee things. His official title is Assistant to the NXT UK General Manager. I wonder if he shortens it to Assistant General Manager, Dwight Schrute-style?

Ilja Dragunov is out first. If you’ve wondered what his Twitter handle means, “Unbesiegbar” means “Invincible.” We’ll see.

Out comes the Champ. I’m sure this will be a respectful and simple contract signing, with no physical contact whatsoever.

OK, maybe not. This is WALTER and Dragunov, so you don’t want to read what happens, you want to see what happens. So…

Good. Lord.

WALTER looks legitimately furious.

“Das Ring General ist gefallen,” says McGuinness. Well that’s the call of the year, right there. Nige, I love you.

The two men are pulled apart, and we are so primed and ready for next week’s main event, it’s ridiculous. Can. Not. Wait.

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