Arn Anderson Talks Matt Hardy, Hardy Boys In WWE

On this weeks episode of “Arn” the topic was the PPV Bragging Rights 2010. It was talked about how in October of 2010, Matt Hardy was granted his release from WWE. Matt said in a interview “it was harder to get my release than get hired”

Arn was asked why it seems like over the years WWE hasn’t quite known what to do with Matt Hardy?

I don’t think Matt Hardy will ever be a “heel” because my god they were babies when they did their first television for WWF at the time. They started so young and the audience actually grew up with the Hardy’s, they saw they evolution of the Hardy’s, they were there from the very beginning. When you spend that much time with a couple of guys who are endearing, they have that endearing quality. Jeff hardy he was a high flyer before high flying was fashionable. He did all the crazy stuff way back when, which separated him out and old Matt was a part of that as well.

Anderson continued:

I think that when you grow up with somebody you get comfortable with them, you know how they are. Being from North Carolina they are southern boys which means they are gentlemen. They just have that easy, cool easy swagger about them. By growing up with the audience the audience is just used to them and that’s who they are to the audience. 

Arn Anderson and Matt Hardy are currently reunited, as both men are involved with AEW.

(Please H/T Bodyslam for transcript)

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