Dream Matchups For Monday Night RAW After The WWE Draft

Now that the lackluster WWE Draft is in the books, lets take a look at possible dream match scenarios and possible feuds over the course of the next year. Now, this is not including the sometimes confusing “Wild Card Rule”, but just looking at the new roster of Monday Night Raw and seeing what opportunities may exist for the talent that’s now available to that show. Let’s get started!

Drew McIntyre vs AJ Styles – If McIntyre can make it out of Hell In a Cell against Randy Orton, this can be in my opinion a “money feud”, as McIntyre has been incredible over the last year. 2020 has been a god awful year for many of us, but not Drew McIntyre. The “Scottish Psychopath” has been on an absolute tear over the last 10 months, beginning at the 2020 Royal Rumble, where he disposed of then – WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar. Even though McIntyre didn’t get the showcase he was looking for at Wrestlemania at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL; McIntyre still was incredible at the “Show of the Immortals” Wrestlemania 36.

Now, AJ Styles? The same AJ Styles that lost to the Undertaker at WM36 in a Boneyard Match? The same AJ Styles who lost at Money in the Bank? Yes. AJ Styles held the Intercontinental Championship this year and has had great matches with almost everyone he’s faced and THAT is why this feud works. Styles is an underrated stick man and McIntyre has really come into his own on the mic, as well. Both men are incredible in the ring and I believe that the program between these two will be something that we don’t know how much we want.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Fiend – Hear me out, okay? I don’t believe this should happen for the WWE Title. As a matter of fact, I don’t think “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt should compete for any title for quite a while. The biggest knock on Bray Wyatt, even since his “Eater of Worlds” days, was that he couldn’t string together wins. Great entrance? Check. Phenomenal promos? Check. Terrific look? Check. Bray Wyatt checks all the boxes, so why isn’t he the top guy? I can’t answer that question, “He Who Shall Not Be Named” is the only one that can answer that one for us.

However, a championship in wrestling is, lets face it, a prop. When you win a championship, you have to defend it. What’s wrong with that? Over exposure. One of the things that makes “The Fiend” so captivating? We don’t see him every week. The Fiend is special, he’s an attraction. If you feature him each week, he loses the appeal. Ok, so he’s the WWE Champion and now he’s defending it at every PPV event or every other PPV event, well doesn’t he have to lose it at some point? I don’t think “The Fiend” should always win, no matter what. I don’t think he should be booked like Hogan in the 80’s, brother. But, I do believe that his character deserves a strong winning streak. We want so badly to believe in his dark, twisted gimmick and then he loses. There’s no teeth to his bite.

Enter Drew McIntyre. McIntyre has already run thru two WWE legends in Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, therefore a loss to Wyatt wouldn’t hurt his future bookings. Drew McIntyre continues to run roughshod over everyone and anyone and I think if both men are booked correctly, a showdown between the two can be quite the story.

The New Day vs The Viking Raiders –Since the writers at another website chose to talk about The New Day vs The Hurt Business, I decided to go a different route. Considering Ivar will be out of action for quite some time, due to a severe neck injury, this idea will have to sit on the shelf. Maybe we can get something like this at the tail end of 2021. But lets just dream for a moment!

Note: If you’re one of those wrestling fans who hates the silliness and entertainment that WWE is known for, please skip ahead, this is not for you.

The New Day has always been entertainment and always will be entertainment. However, for those that don’t believe that The New Day have the chops to get it done in the ring, shame on you. SHAME! The “Speed Force” combination of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston will be in full swing on Monday nights, as the powers that be made the decision to split up the group, leaving Big E by himself on Friday Night Smackdown. Let’s not forget that, as a singles competitor, Kofi Kingston is a former WWE Champion. But as 1/3 of The New Day, Kingston is the most winningest member. Xavier Woods, is quite possibly, the most underrated promo and overall the most underrated wrestler in The New Day. Woods recently returned from injury and together with Kofi Kingston took back the Smackdown Tag Team Championships for the 8th time.

The Viking Raiders, are a rough and tough team. Their accolades inside and outside of WWE are well documented and they are an absolutely incredible duo. But if you would’ve told me that they were equally entertaining, I wouldn’t have made that wager. Just look at evidence from their COVID-long program with the Street Profits. Everything from basketball to golf to hatchet throwing? All the references to Ivar being a ladies man? THE TURKEY LEGS? Oh my god, can we have turkey legs raining from the rafters? A food fight consisting of “Booty-O’s” breakfast cereal, pancakes and turkey? Francesca II, the trombone having eyes for Ivar? That last one may have been too much even for me, but think of all the possibilities! I’m betting on this pairing of teams to be very entertaining IF they’re booked.

Asuka vs Shayna Baszler – Why wasn’t this given to us earlier this year? Look, I don’t know who needs to hear this in WWE, but it needs to be said…we don’t give a damn about how these women look, as long as they can wrestle. Shayna Baszler is not a 10. Nia Jax is not a 10. But they don’t have to be. First of all, if you’re appealing to the masses, different people have different opinions on what a “10” even is. Some people may see Nia Jax and think “Oh my! She’s beautiful and voluptuous!”, however, some may not be so gracious. The point is, the Chairman of WWE decides who he wants to see and be featured on his television program. I just believe that there’s more to female professional wrestlers than their looks. Second of all, Shayna Baszler is a killer. I don’t care what she looks like. Baszler is frighteningly good.

When Baszler was in NXT, she was straight steamrolling the opposition. Not so much on Monday Night Raw, which is unfortunate because it makes the viewer think that she can’t hang with the main roster talent. WRONG! Baszler is as good as it gets in the ring and she doesn’t need comedy or even a mic to get her point across. That brings me to Asuka. “The Empress of Tomorrow” is almost 40 years old, looks like she’s 25 and moves like she’s a teenager. Asuka is one of those rare talents, male or female, who just does what they do and we get to sit back and take it in. Flair, Steamboat, Hart, Savage, Michaels, HHH, Angle, Styles, Guerrero, Orton…I can go on and on. They all make it look effortless. They are so great, that you don’t even appreciate how great they are. Asuka is on, perhaps at the top, of female wrestlers on that list. We are getting the opportunity to witness greatness each and every week. No one is ready for Asuka? I think Shayna Baszler would disagree. Book it!

Please, if you’d like, send me some of your ideas for Dream Matches and Future Bookings. These were just some of my favorites, but I’d love to hear some of yours! You can comment below, or follow/reach out to me on Twitter, @HisNameIsDario. Thanks for reading!


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