Exclusive: Shazza McKenzie Wants To Wrestle Former WWE Superstar In AEW, Talks Importance Of Females Behind The Scenes

Australian Wrestling Star Shazza McKenzie, who was recently ranked #62 in this year’s PWI Women’s 100 List, recently spoke with Bodyslam.net‘s Cassidy Haynes and Dom Mallon on an episode of The Push podcast.

During their discussion Shazza was asked about who her dream match in AEW would be, to which she stated that she would love the chance to face former WWE Superstar and recent AEW signee Serena Deeb. She also stated that she would like her shot against AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida.

When you get back to AEW, who would be your dream match?

“Now that Serena Deeb is an option for people to wrestle…the fact that that’s even possible! She’s someone I looked up to…and now it’s an option! This is a game changer! She’s up there. Also obviously [Hikaru] Shida. She’s amazing!”

Shazza was also asked about promotions like Thunder Rosa’s Mission Pro, which are creating job opportunities for women within wrestling. She talked about how the industry as a whole is working to improve in that area, having females behind the scenes to help create storylines for female performers, and more.

What are your thoughts on promotions like Mission Pro that are currently creating job opportunities for women within the wrestling industry in areas other than just being an in-ring talent?

“The industry as a whole is working on it slowly, but I think as a whole, especially with everything that’s happened this year, that people are realizing that women need to have more of a bigger role…equality is treating us as equals, whatever our role is…a male interviewer isn’t going to be sexualized by the female wrestlers when they’re being interviewed so why would you do that to a female interviewer?”

“I think it’s important to have females behind the scenes creating the stories for women because females have a better understanding of what would create tension and create a story amongst females and I think it’s strange to ever have men writing for women’s storylines because they’re writing about a whole life or experience that they’ve never lived.”

“One of the things is that females are 50% of the population so when you put on your wrestling show, if you’re only targeting 50% of the population, you’re not going to get the optimum results. To [appeal] to everyone, you have to have relatable characters for everyone.”

You can check out the entire interview with Shazza McKenzie on The Push podcast below.

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