WWE Smackdown Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction 10/16

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We are live!

We open the night with the locker room out in mass as HHH and Stephanie McMahon make their “State of the Union Address” as we kick off another season on the Blue Brand. As the couple introduce us to the old and new faces that will occupy our Friday night airwaves, suddenly all hell breaks loose! Ziggler and Roode kick off a locker room brawl as they attempt to gain an edge over their opponents, The Street Profits.

As things began to settle, none other than The Freak, Lars Sullivan would make his presence known and clear house before his contest with The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy v. Lars Sullivan

Hardy would be no match for the power game of The Freak as he attempted to stick and move his larger opponent. Lars would put on a display of his strength, rag-dolling Hardy, and establishing his dominance in the early going. Hardy would continue to take his shots and hope to survive the onslaught but a man can only endure such thunderous slams and stiff shots.


Hardy would tease the comeback but Sullivan all but shook off the Twist of Fate and caught Hardy by surprise as he ascended the top rope, only to meet the guise of his infuriated opponent. Sullivan would catch Hardy and deliver a massive Freak Accident, scoring the victory over the vet.

The New Day v. Naka/Saro & Sheamus


I would be lying if I said that this night would be easy for me as we finally say goodbye to one of the most beloved groups in wrestling history, The New Day. As the pancake tossing, trombone blowing, hip gyrating, fooling, and schooling trio enter the ring, the mood is different and the air is heavy. Each member gives their personal feelings on the past 6 years and as Kofi said so perfectly, “You’re about to make me cry before a match”. After emotions were capped and the men said their peace to the WWE Universe, they would be met by their opponents for the evening.

We return from break and the match is underway! Nakamura and Woods open the bout and the men exchange counters before Woods would catch him with the arm drag. Woods would bring Kofi into the match and Kofi would drop Nakamura before going the pin. Nakamura kicks out as two and suddenly the tables have turned as Nakamura drags Kofi to his corner before tagging in Cesaro and it is all Cesaro until the trio would hit a little 3-piece offense leaving Cesaro gasping for air and in need of a tag.

Well when life gives you lemons, tag in Sheamus, I always say. The duo rekindle a bit of The Bar and remind the New Day of the old days and suddenly, Kofi is reeling. Kofi would find himself spilled to the outside and a second 3-piece offense would ensue, leaving Kofi battered and bruised.

The match would continue much like this right up until the commercial break, we’ll be right back folks!

Welcome back folks. We’re back as Kofi kicks out of a pinfall by Sheamus. Kofi would make the hot tag and it’s none other than Big E! He tosses Cesaro and clears house before returning his sights to Cesaro who would shock E with a massive suplex. Woods would enter the match and deliver the Morning Woods with the help of Big E. Only a two count would result and suddenly, Woods is stuck in enemy territory with Nakamura tagging and slamming the back of Woods head to the canvas. The match would break down quickly and bodies are everywhere as each man pulls out their biggest and best moves. But in usual fashion, The New Day would get it done, pick up the victory and deliver for the fans… one last time.

I’m not crying…you’re all crying!

And of course, it wouldn’t be Smackdown without Sami Zayn getting under someone’s skin. Too bad this time, he bought off more than he could chew.


We return to none other than Daniel Bryan making his return to a WWE ring for the first time since June and his instant classic with AJ Styles during the Intercontinental Title Tournament. Bryan fills in the crowd as to some of his personal favorites who will be until none other than Seth Rollins makes his Smackdown Debut! The Friday Night Friar is here! And he’s still a jackass. Rollins attempts to recruit the leader of the Yes Movement to his side and Bryan responds in the way that most of us would like to, telling Rollins, “It’s just dumb.” Rollins would explode with anger but he would also learn that attacking Daniel Bryan is never a good idea.

Bryan would land The Friday Night Friar flat on his fanny and Rollins would turn tail and run but be met by some familiar faces from the Red Brand

Rollins would hope to find an ally but it’s no love for the Friar as he receives a beating from the most unlikely of people.


Ziggler & Roode v. Street Profits: Smackdown Tag Title Match

This match would fall apart quickly as the anger continued to spill over for Montez Ford, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. After planting Dawkins, Ford would intervene and the street fight would begin as both Roode and Ziggler tried to fend off the enraged champion. The referee would have no choice but to call a stop to this match as order could not be obtained.

And when we return from brake…

We return to the action and we are welcomed by the Smackdown Women’s Champion; it’s Bayley joining us at the table as we prepare for the contract signing between the former best friends. The women exchange words and Sasha signs with little delay, but the WWE’s resident Karen would once again prove her IQ as she realized that she doesn’t have to defend her title if she won’t sign the contract.


Braun Strowman v. Roman Reigns: WWE Universal Title Match

Get ready folks because these two men produce nothing but bangers and tonight, they will lock horns once more. Reigns saunters his way to the ring, seemingly uncaring of the task that stands before him. The men lock eyes as the announcements are handled and the title is raised high. When we return from commercial…it is main event time!

We are back guys and gals and the bell has rung and we are underway! The men lock horns and begin their dance, but the champion remembers his past encounters and uses Strowman’s momentum to send The Monster to the floor. Roman would plant Strowman twice, ensuring that he could not regain entry to the ring.

Strowman would eventually battle his way back and shock the champion as he tossed Reigns across the announce table and crashing to the floor beneath.


We return from break and Strowman is poised in the corner as he crashes into Reigns and then sends him flying across the ring with a beale. Roman would attempt attempt to take contol but it would only anger The Monster Among men who would assault the champion before driving him to the mat with a chokeslam. Strowman would go for the cover but a two count and an incidental low blow would be all that Strowman would gain. It would be all but academic for Reigns as closed out the match and put an end to Strowman in surprising fashion with a guillotine that would stretch the challenger. Jey Uso would enter the scene and the cousins would exchange words while Roman would strike Strowman across the back with a steel chair; exclaiming that, “This would be you”, to his cousin when they face at Hell In A Cell. Roman would then give his cousin an opportunity to strike while the Chief’s back was turned, but Uso couldn’t strike his own blood in such fashion. As Roman turned back to his cousin, he was met with a thunderous uppercut, super kick and the canvas as the champion was sent face first. Roman would regain composure quickly though and as Jey Uso struggled to break from the clutches of WWE Execs and Officials, he would be struck down by The tribal Chief’s Superman Punch.

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