Exclusive: Shazza McKenzie Talks About Awkwardly Meeting Tony Khan And Her Huge Fandom For Two AEW Stars

Australian Wrestling Star Shazza Mckenzie, whom was ranked #62 in the PWI Women’s Top 100, recently sat down with Bodyslam’s Cassidy Haynes and Dom Mallon on an episode of The Push podcast.

During the interview Shazza and the crew talked about her work with AEW, and her first meeting with Tony Khan.

Do you remember your first meeting with Tony Kahn?

“This is a funny story. When I did the AEW Battle Royale, the night before we were planning it out and I had met most people so I was [swearing a lot] saying ‘f**k this’ and ‘f**k that’ swearing my brain off. And then I turn around and Mr. Tony Kahn is right there and he was like ‘Oh hi Shazza, I’m Tony!’ and I was like ‘…Hi…I’m Shazza…that’s not how I normally speak”

Shazza was also asked who she would like to work with that she doesn’t know personally. She then put over AEW Stars Anna Jay and Tay Conti, and her huge fandom of the two.

Is there anybody that you don’t know personally that you would love to work with?

I legitimately love TayJay (AEW’s Tay Conti and Anna Jay) and I don’t know either of them. I’,m literally just this crazy fan girl from the internet that is just every day being like “I love you!”. I’ve never seen Anna Jay before she was on AEW but that girl is phenomenal and she has such a presence. It’s going to be really embarrassing when I actually meet them and I have to be like ‘yeah I’m an actual person and that was really weird that I was like super stalker on the internet!”

You can check out the entire episode of The Push podcast with special guest Shazza McKenzie below.

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