NXT UK Review: 10.15.20

We’re back with the fifth episode of NXT UK since the lockdown hiatus. Tonight, Pete Dunne is back in action for the first time in ages. This is a good thing. Here. We. Go.

No messing, we’re straight into the next first round match in the Heritage Cup. Noam Dar and A-Kid are already through. Let’s find out who joins them.

Dave Mastiff Vs Joseph Conners

The Black Country’s own Bomber Dave Mastiff is in the ring first, followed by Joseph Conners. Great to see both men back in the ring again.

Round one and Mastiff offers a handshake, but Conners refuses it – just like he did when the rounds were drawn. Biiiiig size difference between the two men. Mastiff controls the Wristlock for most of round one, before Conners turns it around into an Armbar. Mastiff having nothing of that, and flings his opponent across the ring. Conners ties up Mastiff again, but Dave turns the tide with a nice Dropkick from the big man. Honours pretty even at the end of round one.

Round two and Conners ends up on the wrong end of a Shoulderblock, sending him scurrying to the corner. Mastiff eats a Flying Headbutt from Conners, but it seemed to hurt both men.

A big Powerslam drives the air out of Conners, after a scrappy and awkward round which is closed out with an exchange of Palm Strikes. One big paintbrush of a slap sends Conners outside of the ring.

Round three kicks off with aggression – both men swinging wildly at each other. Two big forearms from Mastiff sends Conners to the mat – the ref is over to check on him… and the ref calls it!

Mastiff wins by knockout and advances to the second round. Conners looks out of it. Wow. Strong, strong outing by the Bomber.

We get a package on Jordan Devlin – the last time I saw him wrestle live, the crowd chanted: “Sh*t Finn Balor.” Just thought I’d share that. He’s talking about Covid putting a stop to his Cruiserweight title run. He’s not happy about how the “Interim NXT Cruiserweight tournament” dropped the Interim bit.

He says the title he still holds is the real Cruiserweight belt. Feels like we’re going to have another “I’m the Champ”, “No, I’M the Champ” match like the recent IC title bout.

Next up, it’s Women’s Division action.

Isla Dawn Vs Piper Niven

These ladies butted heads – literally – during last week’s State of the Union from Kay Lee Ray. Nigel McGuinness referred to the clash as a “kerfuffle”. One of the many reasons I love NXT UK.

Piper ties up Dawn in a Wristlock, which Dawn reverses nicely. Piper has no issue turning it into an Armbar, A test of strength surprisingly doesn’t go Piper’s way, as Dawn rolls through, applies the pressure and brings Piper to her knees. Dawn slaps a Headlock on Piper, but gets powered down to the mat for her trouble. Niven hyperextends the elbow of Dawn in an armbar, and slaps on a firm headlock. Dawn gets a two with a rollup out of nowhere, but Niven runs straight through Dawn. Piper misses a Cannonball, but recovers quickly with a Shoulderblock and Headbutt sending Dawn down to the mat twice.

Dawn goes psycho and starts hammering away on Niven, knocking her down to her knees. A Dropkick from Dawn sends Niven against the ropes, but she rebounds with a Crossbody, squashing Dawn for two.

Niven tries a Bodyslam, but Dawn rolls free, and starts chopping away at Niven’s legs. Dawn with a cover for two. Attempted Irish Whip goes nowhere for Dawn, but Niven returns the favour. A charge into the corner backfires and Niven eats the turnbuckles. Dawn comes off the top with a double Knee Meteora for two.

Dawn ties up Niven in a necklock submission, but Niven uses he strength to land a Backdrop Driver and follows with a Cannonball in the corner. One Piper Driver in the middle of the ring later, and we have our winner.

Before the main event, we hear from the brilliant Trent Seven. He talks about needing to put his name on the Heritage Cup. He’ll be back in action next week. Can’t wait.

WALTER & Alexander Wolfe Vs Ilja Dragunov & Pete Dunne

Main event time! Dunne is back, people. I met him at For the Love of Wrestling last year. Seems like a gent. He’s really got in shape during Lockdown – looking super lean.

Wolfe and Dunne start things off. Wolfe quickly hits a Fireman’s Takeover, but Dunne goes straight for the finger manipulation. HARD Clothesline from Dunne takes down Wolfe, and WALTER is tagged in.

Now we’re talking.

WALTER powers Dunne into the corner, but Dunne comes out swinging. WALTER flings Dunne across the ring out of a Headlock. He’s ridiculously strong. WALTER ties up Dunne in a Wristlock, but Pete flips out of it, tying up WALTER in a Short Arm Scissors. Pete’s looking much more athletic – loads of kip-ups and flips from him in this match.

Dunne tags in Dragunov, but WALTER powers down his opponent with a Headlock. WALTER starts chopping the soul out of Dragunov, but gets some sickening chops in return. WALTER decides enough is enough, and takes Dragunov down to the mat again. Bodyslam and back kick combo leaves Dragunov writhing in pain. WALTER takes a cheap shot on Dunne before tagging in Wolfe.

Dragunov gets beaten from pillar to post, until WALTER unleashes this beast of a Chop…

Ouch.  I can feel losts of highlight gifs coming on. Sorry, not sorry.

Dragunov absorbs more abuse at the hands of one half of Imperium, until a hot tag brings Dunne back in. Dunne hits WALTER with a Snap Suplex, double stomp to the hands and kick to the head.

Both men trade Chops that sound like shotguns, until WALTER launches himself at Dunne with a ridiculous Dropkick. Good lord.

Dragunov is back and on fire, pulling off something of a 619 straight into a hard-hitting Clothesline.

Dunne and Dragunov work over Wolfe in the corner. Wolfe fights back, locking Dunne in a German Suplex position. One chop from the outside from WALTER adds a little extra sting on the Suplex to Dunne.

All four men in the ring, and WALTER decides to use Dunne as a weapon.

Dragunov decides he’s not taken enough abuse today, so leaps into a WALTER chop from the top rope. Just look at his face after this.

WALTER and Dragunov trade insane chops in the middle of the ring. Wolfe rolls in to break things up, but Dunne lands the Bitter End on him. WALTER kicks Dunne’s head off and sends him flying out the ring.

WALTER locks Dragunov in a Sleeper, but a bunch of Knife Edge Chops see Dragunov regain control. He amazingly lands a Gotch Life Suplex. Insane.

Dragunov’s chest is red raw.

Dragunov tries for Torpedo Moscow, but interference from Wolfe stops that, so Dunne does what every good partner should and breaks his fingers. He tries again, but WALTER catches him and turns it into a Sleeper.

Dragunov escapes, rolls through a German Suplex, hits Torpedo Moscow out of nowhere… and pins the Champ! Trivia fans, that’s the first time WALTER has been pinned in NXT UK.

My God, that was an amazing, amazing match. Insane work by all four men. Just… wow. If you’ve not seen much of these guys before, honestly, watch this match. You can thank me after.

More of this, please, WWE. More more more.

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