G1 Climax 30 Night 16 results: Evil edges LIJ

For the first time ever NJPW pulls into the brand new Yokohama Budokan for the penultimate night of B Block action in the 2020 G1 Climax. Several big matches on the card so let’s have a quick look through the results in short:

*Yota Tsuji defeated Yuya Uemua by submission

*KENTA (8pts) defeated YOSHI-HASHI (2pts) by submission

*Zack Sabre Jr. (10pts) defeated Juice Robinson (6pts) by pinfall

*Tetsuya Naito (12pts) defeated Toru Yano (6pts) by pinfall

*EVIL (12pts) defeated Hirooki Goto (8pts) by pinfall

*SANADA (10pts) defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi (6pts) by pinfall

*Yuya Uemura v Yota Tsuji

The Young Lions went at it in a fun back and forth match. Tsuji went back to the top of the unofficial C Block thanks to a Giant Swing followed by the Boston Crab for the submission victory. The possibility of a 3 way tie at the end of all this is a distinct possibility still.

C Block standings:

12pts – Yota Tsuji

11pts – Yuya Uemura

9pts – Gabriel Kidd


Both men are well out of contention but still delivered a great match. KENTA picked up the win by submission thanks to Game Over to move him on to 8 points. Despite a disappointing start and early elimination from the tournament Kenta has finished very strong and has a real possibility of making double figures if he defeats Naito on the final night in a massive match with huge implications.

Juice Robinson v Zack Sabre Jr.

Juice has had the exact opposite issue of Kenta. He bolted out the gate and looked like a contender for the block early but collapsed harder than an England batting lineup in the Ashes. His performances have been excellent and his matches of a very high caliber but the points have been missing. The same happened here; an excellent match but ZSJ would win this tight match with the European Clutch. This win would keep ZSJ’s extremely slim hopes of making the G1 final alive for another hour or so at least.

Toru Yano v Tetsuya Naito

Oh boy, where to start? Make no mistake, this was a massive must win match for Naito but he didn’t let the pressure get to him and had a highly entertaining match rife with shenanigans against the Sublime Master Thief. He took his fair old time getting to the ring and disrobing, greatly agitating Yano. Yano looked like he had his revenge when he managed to tape Naito and Yota Tsuji’s wrists together through the ringside railing but Tsuji managed to squeeze through the railing allowing Naito to make it in the ring before the 20 count, still attached to Tsuji. They hit Yano with a double clothesline before they became unstuck. Naito seemed to be thanking Tsuji by throwing up the fist but instead of the fistbumb Naito kicked Tsuji in the gut and bodyslammed him on Yano for the 2 count. After threatening to bodyslam the referee Yano would hit a low blow on Naito and spear to Naito’s backside for the 2. Then it was Naito’s turn for the low blow and roll up to finally win the match. Naito moves to 12 to stay alive.

EVIL v Hirooki Goto

Bit of a rarity this but Dick Togo played a much smaller part in this match than others. Goto tried to eliminate the threat by doing a crossbody to the outside on both the Spoiler and Evil but Togo would get briefly involved later by trying to garotte Goto. He would receive an Ushigoroshi for his troubles however. Evil would eventually hit Everything is Evil for the win. This is a crucial win, not only because it means Evil keeps control of his own destiny by winning, but it also shows that Evil can beat someone without excessive shenanigans. His over reliance on cheating has drawn criticism that he just isn’t a big time player. Evil seems ready to prove people wrong.

SANADA v Hiroshi Tanahashi

Initially this had the hallmarks of what was going to be a technical match as both went for each other’s knees. Tana really focused on Cold Skull’s at one point by hitting several Dragon Screw’s and then applying the Texas Cloverleaf. Sanada would escape and attempt his Skull End to no avail. He would later catch the Ace with a cutter from a High Fly Flow attempt before hitting a couple of Mutoh Moonsaults for the huge win.

Sanada is now very much in the game this Sunday. He has to beat Evil and hope Naito has lost to Kenta. Both are very much in the realms of possibilities. A disastrous tournament for Tana however. If he loses his final match on Sunday then he will pick up his lowest total since the 2008 G1.

B Block standings after night 16…

12pts – Tetsuya Naito, EVIL

10pts – Zack Sabre Jr., SANADA

8pts – KENTA, Hirooki Goto

6pts – Juice Robinson, Toru Yano, Hiroshi Tanahashi


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