Fans Not Happy With Britt Bakers Response To AEW Women’s Matches Poor Ratings

AEW fans have been clambering for their women’s division to get more air time. Recently, Britt Baker did an interview with UPROXX, and she discussed this very thing. Her response pointed out incidents such as the pandemic, injuries and also the fans not watching during these matches being the problem.

Baker stated the following about the current state of the women’s division.

“Yeah, I definitely think it’s something the company is working on. You know, and we got hit hard—our women’s division, because of the COVID outbreak. Half our roster is international talent, so we immediately didn’t have access to any of those women. Then Kris Statlander got hurt, and I got hurt. And there’s only so much time on AEW Dynamite to start with. I know there are plans to grow the women’s division, but at the same time we need help from the fans at home too! We can’t have the women’s segments being the lowest rated or the lowest views each week. Because at the end of the day it’s a business, and AEW needs ratings,

It’s no secret we’re in a war every Wednesday night with NXT, so we need the ratings up. So for the fans that are so encouraging and saying “We want more women, we want more women!” that’s great, but please don’t turn the channel when the women are on TV then! We want everybody to be watching the segments and cheering us on from home,”

This hasn’t gone down well with a selective group of AEW followers. Twitter has took what Britt Baker said as a direct insult to them, and the replies on this story haven’t been too kind.

Do you think Britt Baker is right? Or do you think AEW could be more of a light on the talents the women’s division has?

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