Exclusive – VCW Forced To Leave Munford, AL Amid Racism And Transphobia Claims

Independent wrestling promotion “Victory Championship Wrestling” are being forced to move out of their long term residency in Munford, AL. While the town of Munford are claiming that this is a purely financial move so that they can charge new tenants higher rent, it seems that there may be more sinister undertones to their decision.

After reaching out to Johnny Slaughter, VCW’s General Manager, he exclusively gave the following information in a statement to Chris Deez of Bodyslam.net:

“Yeah it is kind of a disgraceful situation with the Town of Munford.  We have been there for years, and even made thousands of dollars of repairs to one of the town owned buildings, so that we could use it for our academy. Well now they have a new town council and realized they can charge someone else more than we are paying now that the building is useable.

One of the Town council members has been heard by both one of my talents and someone the council member works with stating that he was not too happy about us having a African American Heavyweight Champion or a transgender member on our team.  The town swears they know nothing about the council members comments and just want out of the lease because they want out of it.”

“We are currently in negotiations with the town’s lawyer about settling what they owe us, and when it is done we will out the council member to the media (all sources). The town once told me they did not want to be known for Professional wrestling, so instead they can be known for bigotry and racism.”

One of VCW’s performers, LaDarrius Young, had the following to say in another exclusive statement:

“So here is some back story. We are getting kicked out of Munford, AL and the 17th is our last show there. The reason why we are getting kicked out is the city council of Munfodd, AL is racist and said he does not like the fact our Victory Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion is black and we have a transgender person working in the womens division”

These are very serious claims, and as such we have reached out to the town of Munford, AL via their town office and Manager Lynn Swinford for further comment. I have contacted via both email and phone, but as of this writing there has been no update or comment from either.

VCW will be holding their final show in Munford this weekend, October 17th and have a jam packed show lined up to show the town exactly what they will be missing. Their final show – “Hardcore Halloween” – will be main evented by a colossal TWELVE man cage match, with 4 teams of 3 entering the spooky structure!

Head to VCWaction.com for tickets and to check out more details for the event.

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