Good evening ladies and Gentlemen my name is Joseph Conlin and tonight I am so honored and excited to be bringing you guys live coverage for tonight’s AEW Dynamite show which is the one year anniversary of Dynamite. I could just remember this time last year the first episode of dynamite on October 2, 2019 was so anticipated and how much talk AEW had going into that evening and since then we have had great matches and moments fans will remember for years to come.
Tonight anniversary show is perhaps one of the biggest and best cards that AEW has ever put on as we will see 4 championship match is taking place tonight. Those matches are Lance Archer vs John Moxley for the AEW World Championship, Orange Cassidy vs Cody for the TNT championship, Best Friends vs FTR for the AEW Tag Team Championships, and Big Swole vs Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship. We also have a big announcement by Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF. If you cannot watch a show tonight from your television no problem I got you covered right here on Get ready folks it’s going to be a awesome night of AEW grab a cold beverage grab yourself a snack and enjoy yourself for two hours and I will be here for the next 2 hours covering tonight’s show!!
WE ARE LIVE FOR AEW DYNAMITE!!! The First match of the evening is Best Friends vs FTR for the AEW Tag Team Championships a match that I am really looking forward to this evening!!

Your a weenie chants break out in Daily’s Place attended to FTR more specifically Dax Harwood when he was delivering punches to Trent. Chuck Taylor just went flying over the top rope to FTR and now Best Friends have the momentum. The challengers are looking great in this Tag Team Championship match and just came so close to a victory. WOW Best Friends just hit there finishing move strong zero and we’re seconds away from winning the titles. A big spot in the match just happened as Cash Wheeler threw Trent into Kip Sabian’s video game and Kip is livid.
After Cash Wheeler strikes Chuck Taylor with an AEW Tag Team Championship FTR retain the AEW Tag Team Championships over Best Friends in a really good opening Tag Team match to this show!!
After the match is over and after the match is over MIRO and Kip Sabian attack Best Friends thanks to the video game incident.

NEXT MATCH: We got MIRO and Kip Sabian in tag team action against Lee Johnson and Sean Meanua which was a very quick match after MIRO and Kip Sabian win in 3 minutes. After the match MIRO gets on the mic and says it’s game over for the Best Friends.

Time for MJF’s big announcement!!! A lot of people have been looking forward to this including myself. MJF takes a jab at the audience first like he always does lol. MJF announces Le Champion Chris Jericho to the ring for his announcement. The audience singing to Chris Jerichos theme music is always a great thing to see. MJF makes a big joke out of touching Chris Jerichos hair and then gets to touch his hair, lol that was hilarious. MJF is studdering with words and then he says that he wants to join the Inner Circle. Ortiz then gets on the microphone and says he doesn’t want MJF in the Inner Circle. At the end Chris Jericho and MJF agree that next week they are going to have a steak dinner. We will see what happens next week.

This is the match I’m looking forward to most and we MIGHT see a title change. It’s Orange Cassidy vs Cody for the TNT Championship!! In a manner of weeks Cody came back with black hair against Brodie Lee and now he has blonde hair tonight. Cody is also bandaged up after last weeks Dog Collar Match with Brodie Lee. After being his lazy self Cody shoves Cassidy and then they both lock up, which is Cassidys first lock up in AEW. Heading into commercial break Cody is controlling the match and grounding Cassidy in this TNT Championship bout.

Back from commercial break Cody is still taking control over Cassidy. Then Cassidy gives him the shin kick into a super kick to Cody. Chaos has exploded as Dark Order were at ringside then John Silver took the TNT Championship which was pulled away by Orange Cassidy, Dark Order were all ejected from ringside. Cody slams Cassidys leg into the ring post. We then hear that at Full Gear Darby Allin will be challenging for the TNT Championship. There are 5 minutes remaining in this TNT Championship match. Justin Roberts counting down the minutes in this TNT Championship match. Orange Cassidy went for the mouse trap and time expired therefore Cody wins and will face Darby Allin for the TNT Championship at Full Gear. Great TNT Championship match!!

We have a draw for a number contenders tag team match for the AEW Tag Team Championships which it will be Private Party vs John Silver and Alex Reynolds vs The Butcher and The Blade vs Young Bucks. Are we potentially reaching closer to Young Bucks vs FTR for the AEW Tag Team Championships this is really exciting stuff!!

Up next is the AEW Women’s Championship match between Big Swole and Hikaru Shida. Give these women a good amount of time and they should put on a very good match. Before commercial Shida is celebrating to the camera and is shoved into the camera by Big Swole. A very close near fall with Big Swole hitting dirty dancing on Hikaru Shida. Hikaru Shida ends the match with a falcon arrow to Swole and retains the AEW Women’s Championship.

OH BOY!!!! Our main event is coming up so right now I want to thank the people who have been staying here for your live coverage tonight for the AEW Anniversary Show and it has been a awesome show so far. Now it’s time for Lance Archer vs Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship in a No Disqualification match!! The action has started very quickly and Eddie KingSton has joined the commentary team. Archer hits a jumping cannonball to Moxley and then we go to commercial break.

Back from break Moxley clothesline’s Archer back into the ring. Now it’s time for the weapons as we see 2 tables on the outside and Moxley brings chairs into the ring. Archer chokeslams Moxley on the 2 chairs and kicks out at 2. Bringing back memories from this years WrestleKingdom Moxley hit Archer with a paradigm through 2 tables on the outside. Archer then hit a blackout to Moxley then got rolled up by Mox. Jon Moxley retained the AEW World Championship in a great No Disqualification match!!

Thank you all so much for joining me here tonight for the live coverage of this weeks AEW Dynamite Anniversary Show which I thought was a great show put on by AEW. I hope to be back here next week but until then have a great night folks!!