WWE Raw Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction 10/12

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen! DNezz back for night two of the WWE Draft! Last week saw some big moves and some even bigger heartbreak as teams were forced to or may still split up; including the likes of Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, and the biggest heartbreak of all, The New Day. A new night means a new talent pool as we catch a look at tonight’s superstars eligible to be drafted.

A few staples, a few potential Oh $h!t moments, and even a few sleepers in this pool; I’m personally interested in the likes of Dabba-Kato, Riddick Moss, and Arturo Ruas as they have been strictly a product of Shane O’Mac’s, Raw Underground. What other surprises are we in for tonight as we prepare for the final night of the WWE Superstar Draft, a No DQ match, A Dual-Brand Battle Royale to discover the next opponent for Asuka, and a heartfelt farewell from the Monday Night Messiah as spreads his wings and finally leaves the Monday night nest to find himself on Smackdown. The Friday Night Friar sounds catchy to me!

We’re about 20 minutes away from all of the action, drama, and suspense as we get ready for Raw. Can’t catch tonight’s episode but don’t want to miss any of the action? Keep that tab open to Bodyslam.net and keep yourself up-to-date as I bring you live coverage here and my reactions on Twitter @ItzMeItzMeItDBD. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a cold one, grab that snack and get ready because we are live in 20!

We are LIVE! Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, DNezz here and we are opening up tonight’s episode of Raw with The Viper, Randy Orton. Orton enters the ring to the banter of the Raw announce team, filling in the audience on Orton’s next WWE Title opportunity with Drew McIntyre at Hell In A Cell later this month. Orton, mic in hand, praises McIntyre’s current year as he recaps McIntyre’s accomplishments of the year; capping it off with the fact that Orton’s victory last week was the first pinfall loss McIntyre has fallen to in nearly a year. Orton vows to dethrone the WWE Champion at Hell In A Cell, but his declaration is interrupted. McIntyre marches to the ramp and makes sure to let Randy know that while Clash of Champions was for the superstars that had been slighted by Orton in the past, Hell In A Cell will be for The Scottish Psychopath. The Champion then reminded The Viper of a promise he made… then kept his promise.

We return from commercial to the opening round of night 2 of the WWE Superstar Draft! Stephanie McMahon announces the picks and Yowee Wowee of a 1st overall! My Boy, The Fiend, Bray Wyatt is heading to Raw!

Aleister Black v. Kevin Owens: No DQ

Both men enter the ring, afire lit beneath them. Blacks mean streak has been on display as of late but the recent encounter with The Fiend, has Owens looking like a rejuvenated prizefighter once more. The match tumbles to the outside early and Owens runs the show as he drives his 260 pound body through Black with a Cannonball. Owens sees an opportunity and a table is brought into the mix. Black recovers and Owens must slow him again but Black fights back and find an opportunity of his own as he tosses Owens onto the announce table! This match continues when we come back!

We are back folks and Black is locked up with KO, a steel chair set up in the ring. Owens breaks free and starts trading blows with the superior striker, Black. Owens hits the ropes and hopes to blast into Black but Black drops into a foot sweep and drives Owens’ face into the chair. Black would retreat to the outside and load up on seats for the occasion, but the time used allowed KO to recover and begin his climb back into the match.

Owens would set his finale and bring Black to the top rope but Black would recover and black would sail the skies as he drives Owens through the chairs with a Meteora!


The Meteora appeared to injure the knee of Black and Owens would finally have the chance to claim victory with a Stunner and a Powerbomb through a table for the exclamation point.

And we are back from commercial with the 2nd round of the WWE Draft as Braun Strowman tops the list for round 2!

And we come back from Draft Coverage to a pair of the newest additions to Raw… Miz TV returns! Their guests tonight? The Blonde Bombshell Tag Team of Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke! Miz and Johnny Drip-Drip go for the jugular and attack Rose for her former partner’s departure from their team but neither woman was having it as both fired back before being interrupted by Natalya and Lana.

We return from commercial and Miz TV still hasn’t left the ring yet. Miz fills us in that he had a Plan B the whole time and introduced his new special guest… Johnny Drip-Drip! But plans would be spoiled once more as The Freak, Lars Sullivan makes his presence known and clear the ring in emphatic fashion.

And we head to the back to see how WWE has solved its Tag Champion dilemma… Classy WWE.


And we head to commercial but we prepare the monumental farewell address from The Former Monday Night Messiah, it’s The Friday Night Friar, next on Raw.

We return from commercial to round 3 of the WWE Draft where Retribution headline the round!

We also heard that it is official… Tonight will also see the new Raw Tag Champs in action as the defend against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode as we welcome The Friday Night Friar, Seth Rollins as he makes his farewell address to the WWE Universe. Rollins thanks the crowd for being there through it all but then also questions who would become the locker room leader in his absence. An interruption by the Charismatic Enigma would bring a chuckle to Rollins as he takes his leave from the ring. A second interruption by fellow draft pick, AJ Styles, would target Hardy but not before Styles would lay it on thick for Rollins in their quick exchange. This would lead to a small skirmish but that would lead to a real treat, in the for of a triple threat match.

Jeff Hardy v. AJ Styles v. Seth Rollins

The match opens quickly and Rollins is dumped to the outside as Styles targets the knee of Hardy. Hardy and Styles continue to brawl until Rollins decides to jump back in. An alliance would form between Rollins and Styles if only for a moment before Styles attempts to roll up The Friday Night Friar. Rollins is dumped outside again and Hardy and Styles continue their battle. Hardy climbs to the top rope but Rollins sends him crashing down before turning his sights to Styles. Rollins would trade with The Phenomenal One before picking his spot for the suicide dive on Hardy outside. Rollins would keep the momentum going as he returns to the ring and then sends Styles to the outside before running a second suicide dive to both men.

We cut to commercial with Rollins firmly in control!

We’re back from break and all three men are back in the ring with Rollins still in the driver’s seat. He lifts Hardy from the canvas and sends him crashing into the turnbuckle. Hardy would fight back as Styles would attempt to join in and Hardy would send them both to the canvas with a Whisper In the Wind.

Hardy would appear in control but Styles would sneak back in. Hardy would counter Styles and send him face-first to the mat but only manage a two count. All three men give their all as they hope to have their hand raised. Styles would appear to have the match in hand, setting up Hardy for the Styles Clash. Rollins would crash the party with a Springboard Knee and all hell would break loose as these men refuse to lose!

It would appear that Hardy may claim the night but a returning Elias would smash Hardy’s hopes and dreams of victory; along with his guitar.

Styles would pick up the victory but Why Elias? WHY?

We return from break and we are into the 4th round with Elias topping the round as Raw’s first pick.

Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose v. Lana & Natalya

The match opens quickly with Nattie taking some liberties with her strikes. Nattie would sequester Brooke to the corner and tag in Lana who would hold her own until her displeasure with Mandy would cause her to lose focus; ultimately costing her team the match, and her partnership with the “BOAT”.

We are then whisked away to the backstage area where The Hurt Business are holding their weekly staff meeting. Ricochet crashes the party and lays out a proposition that no Business could say no to.


Angel Garza v. Andrade Cien Almas

A battle of former partners will take place as Garza returns from injury, heading into the final round of the draft. Almas storms out of the gate and targets the injured leg and hip of Garza. Both men, knowing each other so well as they deliver stiff shot after stiff shot. Garza would finally hit his signature and pick up the victory of Almas. Vega would leave her position at the announcers table to check on Almas and soon regret ever calling Alexa Bliss, a joke.

We’re back with the 5th round of the WWE Draft and it is Nikki Cross headlining the round.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode v. The New Day: Raw Tag Title Match

It’s Woods and Ziggler opening the match tonight as Woods looks to go skill for skill against the accomplished wrestler, Ziggler. Ziggler clearly wins that exchange and attempts to bring Woods into enemy territory. Woods would fight back and make the tag to Kofi but Kofi would then be pulled into the opposing corner and a tag to the Glorious one would occur. Both men jockey for positioning but the relentlessness of Roode would be the X-factor as he spills Woods to the outside, tags in Ziggler, and clears him for a Sky High Famouser but only draws the two count from the referee as we head to a commercial break!

We return from break and it is all Robert Roode at this point in time. Roode would elect to keep Kofi grounded as he smothers him with a rear neck lock. Kofi would fight back and makes the hot tag to Woods who clears house, but perhaps at the expense of his partner as Kofi rolls out of the ring and collapses in the guardrail.

Woods would do his best in a handicap match but soon the numbers would overwhelm him and Woods would look to his corner as Kofi would climb his way back to the apron. Kofi would tag in blind and confuse the challengers as he delivered the Midnight Hour for victory and The New Day claim a bittersweet victory without their big man in their corner.

Cedric Alexander v. Ricochet: Ricochet loses and he joins The Hurt Business

Both men would come crashing out of the gate but the new physicality and aggressiveness of Ricochet would be the mark of the early going. Alexander would give no quarter to his former friend as he would dominate the early going.

Ricochet would finally recover from the initial shock and awe delivered by Alexander and begin to implement a bit of the offense that has held him in such high regard among wrestling companies, worldwide. In an odd sequence of action, the referee would be jostled while counting a pinfall, and MVP would waste little time as he slid a chair into the ring; which would be caught by Ricochet. The numbers game would begin to show itself as The Hurt Business would close in on Ricochet. How does one escape a 4-on-1 you ask?

We return with round 6 of the WWE Draft and it is Titus O’Neil as the top selection of the round! Hopefully, The Hurt Business needs a Good Will Ambassador in their ranks.

But I digress as we head into the Dual-Brand Women’s Battle Royale, with the winner getting an opportunity at Asuka and the Raw Women’s Championship.

Women’s Dual-Brand Battle Royale

So Nia Jax decides to grab a mic and give her opponents an opportunity to eliminate themselves before dealing with the likes of the women’s tag champs. The match would begin in typical fashion as the women would target the bigger, more dominant tag champs. Jax would begin to clear house with ease until Baszler would pick her spot and send Nia packing to the locker room… only after putting Lana through a table; naturally.

The battle royal would continue down to the final 4 of Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Lacey Evans and Natalya. Evans and Nattie would tandem dispatch of the Riott Squad and the final battle would commence. Both women would find themselves on the apron, struggling to keep their title opportunity alive and eliminate each other. The cagy vet, Nattie, would finally end the contest, sending Lacey into the turnbuckle and eliminating her for the win… OR SO WE THOUGHT! Lana returns to the ring and blasts Nattie from behind, eliminating her former partner for the victory as Lana had never been eliminated after being rag-dolled through the announce table!

But as this match was concluding, a whole different brawl would spill out into the Thunderdome…

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