WWE Smackdown 10/9 Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, DNezz here, and tonight aims to be one of the most entertaining episodes of Smackdown to date. Since Smackdown, for me, has been the most entertaining weekly program, that is saying something. So I’m fired up and can hardly wait for all of the action and excitement coming from the Blue Brand tonight!

WWE 2020 Superstar Draft

That’s right folks! Tonight is Night #1 of the WWE Draft and we will have full coverage and roster breakdowns as the night unfolds, and here is the pool of talent available in tonight’s draft.

We’ll be covering it all tonight as the 8 o’clock hour approaches. Be sure to hop on Twitter and follow me: @ItzMeItzMeItDBD for all of my reactions to tonight’s action-packed card and Draft Coverage!

And we are live ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the WWE Thunderdome folks, DNezz here and we are ready for the 2020 WWE Draft! Welcome Stephanie McMahon to the podium as she opens our event and the pick is in!

And the first round is in the books!

Raw has selected Both: Its WWE Champion; WWE Women’s Champion and Monster Faction, The Hurt Business.

Smackdown has selected: It’s WWE Universal Champion; And in a shocker. The Messiah, Seth Rollins is Friday Night Bound!

Big E v. Sheamus: Falls Count Anywhere

Both men with a score to settle, we kick off tonight’s in-ring action with a brutal one as The Celtic Warrior looks to finally silence Big E for good. The match begins and both men go right for each other. This one would fall apart early as both men spend more time outside of the ring than in. Big E would find himself a kendo stick and much like the Yankees, he’d be swinging for the fences.

The two would wander into the back and an absolute war would ensue. Broken brooms, shattered windshields, even a makeshift pancake buffet; everything but the kitchen sink would be used in this brutal banger of an opening match.


After taking this dance out to the parking area, Sheamus thought it was over after he delivered a brutal White Noise onto a car windshield…he was wrong.

So wrong in fact that Big E would double down and follow up with his own Big Ending for the three count and much needed victory.


We return to Smackdown where it appears that Jey Uso will address his cousin in regards to the stipulation surrounding his WWE Universal Title Match at Hell In A Cell, later this month. Uso would be interrupted by Paul Heyman who would introduce his client by reminding the WWE Universe of his clients dominance. Roman would then inform the WWE Universe that at Hell In A Cell, his match with his cousin will be the first ever “I Quit” match inside the Cell!

And Round Two of the Draft has concluded and we have seen perhaps both, the sleeper of the draft as well as Mr(s). Irrelevant


But back to ringside as Miz & Morrison look to square off against first time team, Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle.

We return from break and Morrison is in control of The charismatic Enigma. Jeff would battle back and come swinging with a lariat but it would be met with much of the same as both men crash to the canvas. The match would start to unravel but Riddle would shine bright…


Securing a BroDerek over the Miz for victory. But the victory would be short-lived as Draft Night would be full of surprises…

Hey y’all!! Round 3 is in!


Sasha Banks v. Bayley: Smackdown Women’s Title Match

It is Boss Time, as Banks makes her way to the ring for her title match against her former bestie, Bayley. Bayley now makes her way down the ramp, chair in hand and title around her waist, just 4 days shy of a full calendar year as Smackdown Women’s Champion. The announcements barely finished and the bell rings as Sasha charges the champion. Banks must remain controlled as champions advantage is in effect tonight. Bayley would scramble to the outside and and attempt to run but Banks would chase her down and drag her back into the ring. Bayley would ultimately find her way back to her security blanket as she would drive the edge of the steel chair into the torso of Banks. The match would end in disqualification and despite a victory for Banks, the title would not change hands this evening. Too bad for Bayley, Banks was just getting started.

Naka/Saro v. New Day: Tag Team Title Match

That’s right folks! Not only do we have a tag title match that I didn’t tell you about, but The New Day are back! As Kofi and Woods make their way to the ring, the question has to be what sort of condition can both men be in after such a long hiatus from in-ring competition? That question would be answered as Woods would open the match with Cesaro and despite Cesaro’s best efforts, he simply could not find an answer for the returning Woods…oh, and Kofi is looking pretty good as well.

We return from break and Cesaro is running strong on Kofi. Kofi would throw out the desperation kick that would connect on Cesaro. Nakamura would be tagged in as Kofi would make the tag to Woods. Woods comes in blistering hot, as he sends everyone to the outside. The match would find its way back into the ring and the momentum seemed 50/50 until Woods would stifle the finishing maneuver of Naka/Saro and secure the victory and The New Day’s 7th Tag Title reign.


But the good news and good vibes would be squashed as the Draft would claim its first victims of separation…


And our final round of the draft is complete as we pack it up and return on Monday!

We return from break and meet up with Otis and Tucker as they prep Mr. Money In the Bank for his court appearance against The Miz. Otis would be served one last time and discovered that Miz has called for a continuance after being drafted to Raw.

The Fiend v. Kevin Owens

You never get tired of watching him walk to the ring. When Bray Wyatt descends into the persona of The Fiend, it is a master class in psychology; both in-ring and academic. We cut to commercial as he waits for his opponent.

And here comes the Prizefighter. Owens is walking with a purpose as he stares down The Fiend. The bell would ring and Owens would explode out of his corner as he makes a B-Line for Wyatt. Owens would then connect with a cannonball but Wyatt would explode out of his corner and rabidly assault Owens. Both men would exchange heavy, brutal shots to each other; Wyatt just taking the upper hand in each exchange. Including this new piece of offense…

The match would then move to the outside as Owens would meet the announce table not once but twice, as he was peppered with a Yuranogi followed by a modified Sister Abagail. The match would return to the ring and The Fiend would be in complete control, following his brutal neck crank. Wyatt looks for a second Sister Abagail but it’s broken up by Owens who follows up three devastating superkicks that send Wyatt tumbling into the corner. Owens would follow up two additional cannonballs but Wyatt would roll out of the ring. Owens would follow and attack The Fiend again, now in hopes of a count-out victory, but The Fiend would not oblige as he continued his defiance and returned to the ring. Owens would finally hit a splash from the apron and eventually a Pop Up Powerbomb that would send The Fiend crashing through the announce table. Still, not enough, The Fiend would again make it back to the ring before the referee’s 10-count and it would be all but over for Owens who found himself face to face with The Fiend’s Mandible Claw. Owens would counter into a stunner but Wyatt would refuse to release the hold as he then secured Owens into a modified Claw/Yuranogi. Wyatt would secure the victory and end Smackdown with Alexa Bliss by his side.


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