Why Ace Austin Is The Best Young Talent In Wrestling

The wrestling industry is currently in a change of the guard. A lot of the generation we’ve followed from the old WCW/WWF days are nearing the end of their careers. Talent like Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, and the recently retired Undertaker, will forever be legends in the business. AEW are currently building up new stars, and WWE is trying to do this with their NXT brand.

One particular brand that doesn’t really get a mention is IMPACT Wrestling, and their shining star, Ace Austin. Ace Austin made his debut in IMPACT wrestling in early 2019. Vignettes starting teasing the debut of a new star, and they didn’t disappoint with Ace’s debut and victory over Jake Atlas.

Ace Austin has the most outstanding persona in the business for anyone under the age of 25. At only 23, Ace has taken IMPACT by storm, and even held the X-Division championship within his first year. It surprises me that he isn’t spoken about more, especially as he definitely deserves the title of “rookie of the year”. He is the it-factor of IMPACT wrestling, so imagine what he can be like in 5 years time, especially as good as he is now.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that people massively underrate his in-ring skills. His match against Tessa Blanchard for the X-Division championship was exceptional. The fact he’s able to adapt to the match and the story telling really shows his maturity. If you get a chance to go and watch it, please do. What is also great about Ace, is that he’s more like a classic wrestler than we realise. Even though he’s the same size and weight as some of the high flyers out there, he’s a slow build worker who executes each move perfectly. Each match he’s had, shows his in ring ability developing more and more.

After splitting up from Reno Scum, and losing his X-Division title, IMPACT wrestling have gone to push Ace into the tag-title picture. He’s currently paired up with Madman Fulton, and is on point to challenge at some point in the future. If he is going to get the tag title around his waist, I’m not sure, but what is clear for all to see is IMPACTs love for their hidden gem.

You can hear the love for Ace from the commentary team which is basically the voice from the back. IMPACT has a huge group of young talent that are slowly making their name on the industry. The Rascalz, Jordynne Grace, Chris Bey and many others are all looking to show what they’re capable of, however I know it won’t be long till we’re hearing the name ‘Ace Austin’ as your new TNA Champion.

What hidden gems in wrestling do you think need more eyes on them? Do you see Ace Austin having a long career in wrestling? Could he move to AEW or WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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