5 Wrestling Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow Part VIII

Wrestling Twitter can be a hard place to navigate, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great accounts to follow. Here are five more Twitter accounts you need to follow ASAP!

Chuckie T’s Deleted Tweets

Chuckie T is arguably one of the funniest wrestlers on Twitter, and this incredible account documents some of Chuckie T’s deleted Tweets that are absolute gems.

Wrestling Struggle Tweets

Wrestling Twitter as mentioned before is a bizarre place and this account documents lots of tweets that present that.


One fo the best wrestling art accounts in wrestling twitter. The art you will see on this account is really good.

The Four Pillars of Wrestling

A great account dedicated to The Four Pillars of Heaven ( Taue, Kobashi, Misawa and Kawada) and their careers. This account will help learn more about them and seek their matches out.

The Local Competitor

Have ever wondered who the enhancement talent or extras on a wrestling show are? Don’t worry, because this accounts has you covered.