Raw Recap 10/5: Orton Challenges McIntyre, Retribution Returns

Raw is live from the ThunderDome in Orlando and things get started with Randy Orton. Orton is sitting backstage, talking about the good old days and issues a challenge to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre for Hell In A Cell

However, Drew finds Randy backstage and proceeds to beat him down for the things he has done and said. No answer from McIntyre on the challenge

There’s a 6 Woman Tag Match going down when WWE women’s champion Asuka tags with the new team of Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. They are set to face Zelina Vega, Lana and Natalya.

Decent exchanges but At this point there should be no surprise as to how this one ends, as Mandy Rose picks up the win by pinning… you guessed it, Lana. Then, in true fashion after the match, out come the Women’s tag Champions to our Lana through a table…. again.

Backstage MVP runs into Apollo Crews, Ricochet and Ali. He tells them there is one spot open in the Hurt Business for tonight

We have a tag team match about to take place the team of Dominick Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo vs The Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins and his disciple Buddy Murphy

The team of Mysterio and Carrillo work well together taking it to Seth and Murphy. It’s seems there’s tension between the Messiah and his disciple, Murphy tries to tag himself in to get the victory but Seth wasn’t having it. Still the win comes for Buddy Murphy who does eventually pin Humberto

Braun Strowman is back on Raw and is looking for an opponent to face him in a exhibition match. He may have found someone

Murphy is back stage and Rollins comes furiously around the corner saying that if he doesn’t apologize by 10pm there will be hell to pay

Kevin Owens is in the ring ready for the KO Show. He says the show feels different because he feels different. He believes in change after the Fiend laid hands on him

Owens want Bray to “pack up the puppets and bring his sweater vest down here”. The Firefly Funhouse music plays and Bray is on the screen

Bray talks about friends and ever has a musical number about them. KO has had enough and wants Bray to come down to the ring. Bray says come Friday on Smackdown “We know” and this is a warning. Owens says he’s not waiting and is off to find the Funhouse but halfway up the ramp Owens is attack by Aleister Black who attacks him from behind and hits Black Mass

Next up is WWE Champion Drew McIntyre where he answers Randy Orton’s challenge saying he’s going to send Orton “Straight To Hell”. So, he obviously accepts

We have a Braun Strowman promo next as if we haven’t seen him in a ring for years… and it’s sponsored by Burger King

It exhibition match Time as Braun waits in the ring for a challenger and it’s Keith Lee. Commentary makes sure we all now because Strowman is on Smackdown this doesn’t actually count against their Win/Loss record?

The match ends rather abruptly by count out after a back and forth display of power. After the match is over, Braun shoulder tackles Lee through the barricade.

Keith Lee is back up quickly and they continue fighting up the ramp where Braun is thrown in the screen and then Lee takes Braun off the stage

We have another Bianca Belair promo but this time she’s showing off her mental strength by beating 3 other ladies in a game of Trivial Pursuit

Drew Gulak is shown backstage running with the 24/7 title. R-Truth is in the dumpster with a Ref and back body drops Gulak into the dumpster. Then Tozawa, who was hiding in a trash can, jumps in after them. It’s seems only 3 superstars care about the 24/7 Title and somehow the ref counts to 3 with R-Truth emerging as your champion… again, for the 42nd time

The Hurt Business heads down to the ring for their tag team match

After the break, MVP cuts a promo and so do Ricochet, Ali and Crews where Ricochet says he won’t join The Hurt Business.

We now we have Lashley and Benjamin Vs Ricochet and Apollo Crews. It’s the same match we’ve seen in variations of all these superstars for about a month with The Hurt Business picking you the win when Lashley makes Crews submit

Murphy is backstage when he runs into Aalyah. He apologizes to her for Seth Rollins but she seems more annoyed Buddy is still considering apologizing to Seth

The Hurt Business is walking around when Ali confronts them. He said he wants them one at a time starting with MVP and finishing with Lashley

Out comes the Monday Night Messiah to the ring to await the apology. Out comes Murphy to the ring, slowly. Rollins says you’ve had an hour and it’s time to apologize so we can move on. After Seth yells at Buddy… Murphy takes down Rollins and they brawl all around the ring. Murphy gets a kendo stick, beating Rollins over and over until Seth apologizes to him.

Rollins gets Murphy to put down the kendo stick and attacks Murphy, beating him until Aalya comes down to save him. The rest of the Mysterio family comes down to retrieve Aalyah and separate her from Buddy

Quarantine is over and It’s time for the women’s tag team championship match, the Riott Squad Vs Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. The Riot Squad come out swinging but it doesn’t last very long, the champions retain in essentially a squash match with very little offense from The Riott Squad when Baszler makes Ruby tap

The Street Profits cut a promo backstage letting everyone know they are ready for the main event but The Hurt Business are back to the ring and it’s MVP vs Ali in the first match of his gauntlet type challenge. A few moments into the match all the members of Hurt Business enter the ring but Retribution is back and it seems they have a leader….

Retribution lays waste to the Hurt Business after being directed by Ali and they all pose in the ring together. Has Ali always been in charge? Is Ali actually in charge? How do you not close the show with this? 🤷🏼‍♂️

It’s 6 man tag action for the main event. WWE champion Drew McIntyre and the Street Profits Vs Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. It’s a match in which all superstars get spots to look good

a close fall after Ford hits the frog splash on Orton that’s broken up by Ziggler. Everyone takes a turn delivering their finishers. The end come when Randy Orton hits the RKO on Drew McIntyre to get the victory and Raw goes off the air as Orton stares down McIntyre in the ring

WWE Raw returns next week on the USA network

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