3 WWE Superstars That SHOULD Have Been Revealed As Retribution’s Leader

On the October 5th edition of Monday Night Raw, we finally got the long awaited reveal of WHO exactly was the mastermind behind Raw’s most destructive faction — Retribution.

After defeating MVP in a one-on-one competition, Ali found himself backed into the corner of the ring by The Hurt Business. Just before it came to blows the lights flickered and there was Retribution surrounding the ring. Inside the ring, Ali seemed to have joined forces with The Hurt Business — for the time being.

Abruptly, Ali ran out of the ring and stood face to face with T-Bar and Mace only to turn his attention back toward The Hurt Business in the ring. Ali muttered the words, “Get ’em”, revealing himself as Retribution’s leader.

Ali confirming his leadership to Retribution via Twitter

Ali being revealed as Retribution’s leader received great acclaim from the WWE Universe. However, I saw it as a bit of an anticlimactic reveal. Let me explain why.

Retribution has been looked at as an untouchable, destructive faction. One that seems to not care for “theatrics” or in ring ability, something that Ali has been known for.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of Ali and I believe it is a long time coming for the WWE creative team to give him the spotlight he deserves. I just think that there were many other options that the WWE should have taken. Three options to be exact, here they are.

#3. Roman Reigns

Say what you want about “The Big Dog”, he is the baddest dude in WWE right now — period.

A now veteran of the WWE, Roman Reigns would be the perfect heel that Retribution needs for proper leadership and legitimacy. Who else better to run a faction than the man that appeared on our televisions the exact same way that Retribution did?

Now I know what you may be thinking… Reigns is on Smackdown and Retribution is on Raw. This is true, although the WWE Draft is only another televised week away. So, your telling me that WWE creative couldn’t have waited a week to announce the leader as Roman Reigns? I imagine that they easily could have.

#2. Drew McIntyre

It can’t be just me that thinks Drew McIntyre’s character is getting a bit stale, Right?

The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion won the title back in March by defeating The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar and ever since then — he’s been dominating.

At the end of the day, Drew doesn’t need to be the leader of Retribution to remain a staple in the WWE locker room. He’s a world-class in ring competitor, A great talker and a legitimate superior member of the red brand. However, you must agree that Drew is at his best as a dominative heel.

Exactly the type of person that you would expect to be revealed as the leader of a team such as Retribution.

#1. Finn Balor

Remember when Finn Balor was the leader of Bullet Club? Yes, he has seen plenty of success since he left the Bullet Club to join NXT back in May 2014. Although who would you say was more of a real threat? WWE’s Finn Balor? Or Bullet Club’s Prince Devitt? If you answered Prince Devitt then you, my friend, know what this man is truly capable of.

Prince Devitt was the man that put the Bullet Club on the map. Sure, AJ Styles did a great job extending Bullet Club’s fanbase and so did Kenny Omega. Nonetheless, Devitt was the one that started it all.

Making Retribution a legitimate group is exactly what Balor could have been capable of doing if WWE had decided to replace him with Ali as the leader of Retribution. We all know Balor works best as a heel and we certainly know he works best as the heel commander of a multi-person faction.

So why didn’t WWE do it? They had time, and they really didn’t need to assign Retribution’s leader just yet. The draft would have been a perfect opportunity to assign Balor or Reigns to the Red brand and unite them with their faction.


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