Crowbar Brands Controversial Wrestler As “Obscene”

WCW legend Crowbar has released the latest in his series of online promos, this time taking thinly veiled shots at the behaviour of an unnamed pro-wrestler – as well as parents who knowingly take their children to see such performers.

In the incendiary promo, entitled ‘D**k flips and Lollipops,” Crowbar refers to “basement dwelling malcontents” who pay for posed photographs holding an unnamed wrestler’s “anatomy”.

He goes on to brand the behaviour of the unnamed wrestler as “obscene” and recalls seeing unsuspecting parents grabbing their children and leaving pro-wrestling shows once the individual began to perform in the ring.

In the promo, Crowbar adds: “It’s demographic parenting, I suppose. Everyone gets a trophy, and we cheer for dick flips with our five-year olds.”

You can watch the entire promo below.

Crowbar’s latest #Timeless vignette

Speaking exclusively to earlier today, Crowbar explained: “It’s about the state of this industry. It’s about you, your parenting, your children.” Crowbar ended his statement with the hashtag #Timeless, which he has been using throughout the ongoing series of promos released through his official Twitter account, and expressed that he was commenting on the state of the wider pro-wrestling industry rather than the actions of one sole wrestler alone.

As previously reported, Crowbar has hinted at a name change by adding “for now” to the end of his Twitter profile display name. This has prompted many fans to speculate that the wrestler, whose online videos have created significant buzz on social media, would announce a new name to match the #Timeless persona found in the promo vignettes.

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