WWE Smackdown Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction

Good evening guys and Gals; DNezz here on another Friday night, getting ready for another episode of in-ring magic and mastery… It’s Smackdown on Fox! We are five days removed from Clash of Champions and despite a recent drop in temperature, things are heating up on the Blue Brand.

A Coronation of a King NOT named Baron Corbin

A rematch of sorts with a golden reward

A Special Guest from the Red Brand

We’re down to the wire and Smackdown will kicking off in just 5 short minutes! Catch me on Twitter: @ItzMeItzMeItDBD, for all of my reactions to tonight’s show and I’ll see you in The Thunderdome!

And we open the show with none other than our WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. With Paul Heyman at his side, the Champion saunters his way to the ring; taking in every boo, every jeer, every seething response from the dozens of monitors in the arena. As Heyman begins his epic sonnet of his client, the wizard of words claims his client to now be the Tribal Chief of The WWE Universe; that is, until his client demanded that the name be stricken until Jey Uso recognized him as the mere Tribal Chief of the family. Reigns would call his cousin to the ring and spin a tapestry of deception to his own blood that would make a politician blush.

Uso stands stoic until Reigns demands that he look him in the eye instead of the title that rests upon The Big Dog’s shoulder. Reigns would then bait his cousin into agreeing to a rematch for the Universal Title… at Hell In A Cell. The cousins embrace as Roman declares that this time there will be real consequences after this match. As Reigns would return to the backstage area, Uso would stop him and declare that he accepted and it is now official.

Jey would then be interrupted by AJ Styles who decided to rub salt in the wound and belittle Uso for his lack of ability for the situation he’s now in. The two would scrap around the ringside area and an impromptu match would ensue.

AJ Styles v. Jey Uso

The match would open with Styles playing mind games with Uso. Uso’s anger would be his downfall throughout the better portion of the match as Styles would simply not allow Jey Uso to generate any offense. The match seemed endless as Uso would take yet another beating from another top talent.

Until Uso got his groove back.

Though it seemed impossible, Uso would actually climb back into this match and even higher as he took flight from the tope rope and came crashing down onto Styles with the Samoan Splash.


Sami Zayn would welcome us in the backstage area as stood, smiling with Intercontinental Gold draped over both shoulders. Zayn would then blister the WWE Universe with his words, as he blamed the WWE Universe for the events that had transpired during his absence. Zayn would even become so enraged that he would make the decision to discard Jeff Hardy’s Title in the trash.

John Morrison v. Otis

We return to ringside as John Morrison enters the ring to square off against Mr. Money In the Bank, Otis. Morrison would attempt to kick circles around the Blue-Collar Big Man but like many a sandwich, Morrison would fall to the hunger of Otis.

Shorty G v. Sheamus

And we return with Shorty G waiting in the ring as he prepares to take on The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. Hope they don’t get paid by the hour because Sheamus would make quick work of his query.

And it’s looking as though our special guest will be next, after the break!

We return from break to The KO Show! Owens reminds the WWE Universe of the upcoming draft and welcomes his special guest; Alexa Bliss. Bliss enters the ring as we recap what has gone on since her recent encounter with…Him. Owens welcomes his guest and gets to the point as he questions Alexa’s recent actions and anger but realizes soon that Alexa is beyond reason.

He then realized that he was indeed in danger.

And the WWE’s Prince of Darkness would finally find his Evil Lil’ Princess.

Naka/Saro & King Corbin v. LHP & Matt Riddle

We return from break and find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a 6-man tag match featuring Naka/Saro and King Corbin against Lucha House Party and The Bro, Matt Riddle. The match would begin but LHP would be missing their “leader” as LHP left Kalisto in the locker room. The story of the early going would be the physicality and power game of the tag champs, as King Corbin lay in waiting.

Riddle would eventually pick up the pace and things would fall apart quickly as bodies would fly across the Thunderdome. Riddle would finally get his hands on Corbin and would not be denied as he delivered a beating fit for a King! Riddle would then introduce Cesaro to a taste of his own medicine as he delivered a BroDerek to the Swiss Superman for the three count and the victory. The real story of the match; however, would be the miscalculation of Kalisto as he took aim for an adversary but connected with an ally as he planted Lince Dorado with a kick.

And it appears that it will be Boss Time as Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring.

But look who we just found…

Return back to Banks as she delivers the weight of the world onto her former best friend’s shoulders and declares that next week it will be Sasha Banks v. Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

And when we return from break…

Jeff Hardy v. Sami Zayn: Intercontinental Title

The match begins and it is clear that neither man is 100%. Both men would exploit the battered areas of each other and the match would have to come down to which man wants it more? Hardy would be thrown into the turnbuckle but catch himself as it is revealed that the top turnbuckle pad had vanished and Hardy had an idea of who was responsible.

Hardy would go for the high-risk maneuver but would pay for his error in judgment.

We return from break and video evidence reveals that it was, in fact, Sami Zayn who had removed the turnbuckle during Hardy’s entrance.

Zayn would continue to batter Hardy as he adds insult to injury at every junction; screaming out that Hardy, “Was a fraud”. It appeared all but academic for the champion but The Charismatic Enigma would pull out one final big move with a superplex that would bring the match to a screaming halt.


Both men would finally get to their feet and Hardy would try to get rolling but Zayn would stop him dead. Zayn would then attempt to use the exposed turnbuckle, once more, but Hardy would fend him off. Hardy would find an opportunity for a Swanton Bomb but would only find the knees of Zayn. Hardy would take to turnbuckle one last time but now Zayn would send him plummeting, face-first into the exposed turnbuckle, knocking out the challenger, and giving the champion a pinfall victory.

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