WWE Raw Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction 9/28

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to another cushy viewing here in Casa de DNezz as we prepare for another action-filled episode Raw on USA! After last night’s Clash of Champions, it was revealed that next month’s PPV will be Hell In A Cell but before we unleash the horrors of the Cell, we will have a two-night event as the WWE Draft has arrived! Who knows what will happen when the shakeup goes down… It’s a two-night event starting on Friday, October 9th, and concluding on Monday the 12th.

Now my preview was limited as WWE had kept tonight’s rumblings quiet but in the past hour, I have learned that tonight will feature a Clash of Champions rematch, as Asuka must battle Zelina Vega once again. Has Vega learned from her PPV experience? Is anyone ready for Asuka?

Tonight will also see a major grudge match as Kevin Owens will finally has his opportunity for payback on Aleister Black. It’s always a fight when KO’s on the show but the educated feet of Black look to put the Prizefighter down for the count. Will it be Owens or Black standing tall after the bell?

And Jerry Lawler will be hosting a very special edition of The King’s Court where he will welcome The Mysterio Family, and hopefully get to the bottom of Seth Rollins’ horrendous accusations from last week. Let’s hear it IWC…


And of course, after his hard-fought victory against The Viper, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre looks to address the WWE Universe, but not alone. The Scottish Psychopath will be joined by some of the legends who gave a helping hand during last night’s Ambulance Match but everyone on high alert; No doubt The Apex Predator will be waiting in the wings for his opportunity to lash out and seek revenge for what transpired last night! Will we get an early Christmas Present with Hell In A Cell looming around the corner?

Finally, we have an update on the Women’s Tag Title situation…

We’re roughly 30 mins away from curtain up and if you can’t plant yourself in front of a screen for 3 hours…not a problem! Keep that browser tab locked on to Bodyslam.net for our coverage of WWE Programming by yours truly, and find me on Twitter: @ItzMeItzMeItDBD for all of my reactions to every episode! We’ll see you at 8 pm!

And we open the show in LEGENDARY fashion as we are greeted by The Big Show, Christian, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair! The legends have graced us with our presence as they recap the events of last night’s WWE Title Match. Michaels welcomes McIntyre to the ring. Drew pays homage to his elder brothers as he stands tall, still the WWE Champion. But Randy Orton would crash the party and declare that he will not stop until the WWE Title resides with him; in a cryptic message as he exits the arena. McIntyre would glass over the remarks and declare an open challenge for his WWE Championship to anyone who hasn’t faced him before!

Zelina Vega v. Asuka: Raw Women’s Title Match

And we kick off our in ring action with a rematch from last night as The Empress of Tomorrow squares off against Zelina Vega. Asuka would charge in but meet a fist for her troubles as both women tumble to the floor. Both women break the scrum but it’s Vega, targeting the arm that was roughed up last night. Vega would slap on a modified Octopus Stretch and Asuka appeared to be in trouble as Vega not only worked the arm but then targeted the ribs of the champion. As we head to break though, it’s Asuka catching Vega flat footed on the outside .

We return to our match as Asuka roars back with her unconventional striking. Vega would find herself spilling from the corner as Asuka plants the running knee and goes for the cover. A two-count would turn into an opportunity for Vega as she counters her way into a modified kimura lock that had Asuka stuck in the center of the ring.

But the Women’s Champion would find the strength to counter into a massive vertical suplex. The two would scrap on the ground as Vega went for pinning combinations as Asuka attempted to lock in the Asuka Lock. The Empress would finally synch it in as Vega had no choice but to tap out for a second night!

Andrade v. Keith Lee

After letting the world know that Andrade was the best on Raw, Andrade would issue his own open challenge. Andrade would certainly have his work cut out for him as The Limitless One, Keith Lee would answer the challenge. Andrade would put on a show and have Lee reeling…

But all it takes is one spirit bomb to end any match… Welcome back to form, Keith Lee!

R-Truth defeats….everyone

We discover R-Truth in the back playing a friendly game of chess with Lil’ Jimmy. Truth would be met by one of Towzawa’s ninja’s who presents Truth with a letter from his former sensei. Truth reads on that Towzawa has admitted defeat against the 24/7 Champion and offers a token of respect. The ninja would open the cache and reveal Towzawa’s black belt. As Truth celebrates, Towzawa would appear with a referee and roll up Truth for the three count! But Towzawa’s celebration would be cut short as his own ninja would turn on him and pin him to become the new 24/7 champion… but wait, that’s no ninja… That’s Drew Gulak! Gulak would then be blindsided by Truth as he reclaims the 24/7 title for the 477th time! Truth would run from his foes, title in hand and be secure for now. But tonight will have a third title match as well…

And we return from break as Jerry Lawler makes his way to the ring to host The King’s Court. Lawler would welcome The Mysterio’s to his show and confront the issues surrounding the family and more specifically, their daughter. As Aliyah would explain her actions last week, The Monday Night Messiah would appear on the Tron as he reveals another Mysterio family secret.

Aliyah would make her exit because 19-year-olds can’t be called out on their secrets without getting triggered, and the family would give chase; hoping to get to the bottom of what has transpired. Murphy would finally catch up to his master and finally confront Rollins for the dog he is. It’s a shame that Dominik would stop the clear beating that Murphy would have laid on Rollins.

As we return from break we discover that Dominik has secured a match tonight against Murphy. Our focus returns to the ring where Lana and Natalya have demanded the tag champions be stripped of their titles and the titles be placed on them. Adam Pearce would be the voice of reason as he declared that the champs would not be stripped; however, he could set them up with a match tonight against the newest members of Raw…

Nattie & Lana v. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

It would be quick but scary work as Raw would welcome two new stars to the roster in Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. Lana would get the brunt of the workload tonight but it would matter a Mandy Night Raw would take center stage and claim victory in her Raw debut!

Kevin Owens v. Aleister Black

Owens would already be in the ring awaiting this new evolution of Aleister Black. The match opens stiff and serious and that’s how it would continue into the break.

Black appears a man possessed as he blames Owens for what happened to Black’s eye but The Prizefighter has a score to settle himself after Black’s actions last week. The match would carry on into the commercial break but not before Owens would impose his will on the outside.

We return from break and find Owens leg the target of Black’s aggression. Owens still dealing with the lingering effects of a broken ankle suffered at WrestleMania, Black will take full advantage as he reveals his plan to dismantle the wheels of KO. Both men would eventually find themselves on the top as Black attempts the Superplex. KO would fend him off and go for the senton bomb but be met by raised knees. Black would connect with a driving knee but only hit a two cover.

Black’s frustration would finally set in as he approaches the referee with his complaint. The moment of frustration would be just enough for Owens to retaliate and drive Black into a frenzy, where he would strike the official with an accidental backswing. The ref would have no choice but to call for the bell and the DQ as Owens is awarded the victory, but not before adding insult to injury.

R-Truth v. Akira Towzawa v. Drew Gulak: triple Threat 24/7 Title Match

Both Gulak and Towzawa feel as though they are the rightful 24/7 champion and, despite working well together, the bickering would ensue. Truth would take the brunt of the beating…

until Gulak would double-cross Towzawa and synch in the Gu-Lock as he closes in on the victory. Towzawa would go for the desperation seated senton drop but Truth would roll out as Towzawa would crash into Gulak! Truth would hit Towzawa with a modified X-Factor before dropping Gulak with an AA for the three count!

And when we return…

It looks to be a straight banger as Murphy enters the ring with an extra swag in his step. Dominik makes his way to the ring with a different and fiery look in his eyes. The bell would sound as Dominik would charge Rollins’ disciple with the fury of a slighted brother. The two would scuffle on the mat, exchanging mounting punches onto one-and-other before bringing things to the floor where Murphy would be all over Dominik, hurling him over the announce table.

Dominik Mysterio v. Murphy

The pair would return to the ring where Dominik would plant Murphy with his variation of the Tornado DDT as he can feel the victory close at hand.

But soon, Dominik’s good sense would unravel as he eyes a kendo stick placed under the ring. Weapon in hand, Dominik no longer cared for victory, only preservation of family, but his plans would be spoiled as Aliyah would storm the ring begging Dominik to stop.

His sister’s influence would cause Dominik’s misstep as he was rolled up for the three count and embarrassing loss to Murphy. Dominik would chastise his sister and finally be the breaking point as Aliyah would finally lash out at her family in response to their opinions of her.

The Hurt Business v. Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews & Ricochet

Not much of a match to report as things would dissolve before the bell and hell would break loose before “Technical Difficulties” would hit The Thunderdome.

We return from break and our match is under way! The Hurt Business have matters well in hand until a flub by MVP that would send him into the post, hard. Crews would finally get the tag to Ricochet who would meet Shelton Benjamin head on!

Ricochet would soon tag in Ali and the rest… well; read the tweet.

Drew McIntyre v. Bobby Roode

Let it be known that I am marking out right now whilst I sing this theme song from my second-floor window! The Glorious One has returned! The bell rings on this title match and the gameplan is simple, target the right knee of the champion. Roode would charge in, with guns blazing as he did everything but physically remove the right leg from McIntyre. Roode would even go old school with a brutal Back Rake to the exposed and scarred back of The Scottish Psychopath, after being put through a windshield last night. The shots by both men are stiffer than a glass of scotch as Roode hopes to capitalize on this open challenge.

Both men would find themselves on the top rope but Roode would send McIntyre wishboned on the turnbuckle. McIntyre would recover quickly though as he impressively tossed Roode to the canvas.

Roode would again dissect the legs of the Champion eventually paying homage to Ric Flair with the Figure-Four.

McIntyre would reverse the submission and begin to regain momentum as he tosses Roode pillar-to-post before attempting a kip-up that would topple him into the ropes; the knee couldn’t hold up. Roode would finally deliver the Glorious DDT but even his finishing maneuver wouldn’t keep the champion down. Ziggler would even weasel his way into the match but would catch a boot for his troubles.

McIntyre would rally, once more, and deliver the Claymore Kick into the pinfall for the victory.

But it would be shenanigans after the match as we return to the Legends Lounge where a janitor is looming by the door. The janitor would remove his hood to reveal himself as The Viper, Randy Orton never left the building! Randy would draw a chair from his cart, and what would happen next…is just so Randy Orton.

And The Viper would slither away, undetected as officials and executives ran in to find the ruin left by Randall Keith Orton.

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