Exclusive: Vampiro Says Current WWE Superstar Is “The Best Of The Best” – Compares Him To Chris Benoit

Former WCW Star Vampiro recently sat down with Bodyslam.net’s Cassidy Haynes and Dom Mallon on a recent episode of The Push podcast.

During the interview Vampiro was asked about the current wrestling product and if there is anyone that he likes to watch and follow. Vampiro stated that he believes that WWE Superstar Ricochet is somebody that people should be watching. He added that every time Ricochet steps into the ring, no matter where he is on the card, he is “100% authentically the best of the best.”

Vampiro also went on to compare Ricochet to other wrestling legends from the past, like Chris Benoit, King Haku, and the Dynamite Kid.

Are there any wrestlers featured in the current product that you like the watch or follow?

“Another guy is a guy like Ricochet. He is someone that you should watch because it doesn’t matter where he’s at on the card… every single time he goes in the ring it is 100% authentically the best of the best. He is the real f****g deal. He will give you the best every single time. That’s what Chris Benoit used to do. A lot of people don’t like to talk about Chris Benoit but I’m speaking about him because before things went wrong in his life that was Chris’ reputation, the same with King Haku or the Dynamite Kid. If those guys were in the ring then you were getting a beating and you were getting entertained because there was nothing else. They believed it, they lived it and they gave that. So in order to become an iconic figure in this business, you need to do that… you have to give the fans what they paid for.”

You can listen to the entire interview with Vampiro on Bodyslam’s The Push podcast below.

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