WWE Smackdown Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction 9/25

Good evening IWC! DNezz back in the saddle for another jaw-dropping episode of Smackdown on Fox! We’re about 10 minutes out from arriving in the Thunderdome, and there will be more than a fair share of fireworks popping off. We’re gear up for Clash of Champions a mere 48 hours away!

So grab a snack, pour a libation and get ready because Smackdown is NEXT!

Here we go ladies and gentlemen, DNezz back and I still cannot figure out why a RoH commercial plays before a WWE Show… And in typical and respectable WWE Fashion, the company honors the life and memory of Joe Laurinaitis; AKA, Road Warrior Animal of the legendary Legion of Doom.

We enter the Thunderdome and waste little time as The Phenomenal AJ Styles enters the ring. Followed shortly after by Sami Zayn and the Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy. As Corey Graves describes our “Belt Ascension” Ceremony, each man enlightens the others as to why they will be the intercontinental champion after Sunday. As the titles are hoisted, high above, Sami Zayn makes his presence known.

As Zayn escapes, undoubtedly proud of himself, he is interrupted by Adam Pearce why declares tonight’s match a triple threat match.

AJ Styles v. Sami Zayn v. Jeff Hardy

A perfect opportunity for a dress rehearsal, the PPV Classic hopeful is under way! The match is a perfect and delicate balance of all three men as no one has taken more punishment than the other. All three men battling nobly until Hardy would be tossed to the floor. Then all bets were off.

All three men would bring it back into the ring and despite their exhaustion, would continue to shine bright for the Thunderdome!

And after AJ Styles would do what he does best, the opportunistic Zayn would dispatch Styles and pick up the win and much needed momentum heading to Sunday.

And when we return from break…


And we’re back with Kayla Braxton as she welcomes Heavy Machinery to discover more on the legal troubles of Otis. Before Otis could respond, Miz and Morrison turn up and Miz does his best to set off the big man. Until Tucker makes a valid point, questioning why The Miz is the only one listed on the lawsuit. With the glimmer of light needed, Otis rips through the designer shirt of Johnny Drip-Drip and gets in a few good shots to ebb his anger.

But now we turn to the Smackdown Women’s Champion as she enters the arena, still brandishing the chair she used against her former best friend, Sasha Banks.

After a scathing promo, Bayley now has her sights firmly set on this Sunday’s match against Nikki Cross and asks her opponent to remember what Bayley was willing to do to her best friend.

We return from break to Lucha House Party in the ring as they prepare for singles action!

Gran Metalik v. Shinsuke Nakamura

As we get ready for their Smackdown Tag Title opportunity on Sunday, the King of the Ropes takes on the King of Strong Style. Metalik starts the match hot as he catches Nakamura with an arm drag that causes Nakamura to exit the ring and regroup. Metalik attempts the suicide dive but Nakamura ducks and catches Metalik with an enzuguri. With the match firmly in the hands of Nakamura, Metalik was forced to find an opening to gain ground, and as it usually goes with Lucha’s… it doesn’t take much of an opening.

But even after high risk offense like this, the king of Strong Style was still too much to bear as Nakamura would end this match with the ever-deadly, Kinshasa.

And after a beautiful vignette of the Samoan Dynasty and all of its glory, Jey Uso makes his way to the ring in hopes of getting an answer from his cousin, The Universal Champion. As the WWE Universe waited with baited breath, it would be Paul Heyman answering the call as he explains that while Roman will make a statement tonight, it will not be on the time of his cousin.

Matt Riddle v. King Corbin

But for now it’s The Bro that Runs the Show as Matt gets ready to take on King Corbin in what hopes to be the final match of their long feud.

And it’s Riddle coming out of the corner on fire tonight as he looks to end this bad blood. Both men spill to the outside briefly until Corbin slid back in and quickly to his feet to ambush his opponent. Riddle would attempt to use his ju-jitsu background to bring the big man to his feet and also to lock in a kimura, but Corbin’s raw power and size would be too much to handle. Corbin would attempt to go to the well on a Round the Turnbuckle Clothesline but Riddle would be ready as he counters with the Pele Kick. Riddle would then throw Corbin over the commentary table and posture on the announce table as we head to break.

We return from break and it is Riddle controlling the King, and locking in submission attempts. Despite having weakened Corbin, his power was still too much to handle as Riddle stayed focused on the submission too long.

And as the match would heat up, Riddle would catch his stride and King Corbin appeared to be in peril.

But the Bro would be humbled as he went for the Floating Bro but met the royal knees of Corbin, followed by the End of Days and the three count for a victory fit for a king.

Alexa Bliss v. Lacey Evans

But we’re switching gears as it’s Women’s Division time.

The match opens with Evans using her size to march Bliss into the corner. Evans would continue to use her size advantage to wear down her much smaller opponent.

But the scrappy veteran would catch the brute and bring her crashing to the mat. As Bliss was amping herself up, an ominous fit of laughter would fill the air and send a chill down the spine of those present in the arena. The Fiend has made his presence felt and it would be costly for Lil Miss Bliss. Evans would dominate the next few minutes of the match including an impressive slingshot dropkick driving Bliss to the floor. It would appear that Alexa would shake off the cobwebs as she rallies back but a second hesitation would allow Evans to capitalize. Until this miscalculation would leave Evans in a heap on the mat.

But the Fiend would make his presence known once again as he called to Alexa Bliss and sent her down a path of unbridled rage that she focused on her unfortunate opponent.

And despite a DQ, it’s Lil Miss Bliss looking victorious tonight. Even as she is dismissed and disrespected by the arrival of Roman Reigns.

And we return to Roman standing tall in his ring as he begins to address the WWE Universe, he is interrupted by his curious cousin. Roman explains that the entire Samoan Dynasty is dependent on his being the Tribal Chief and Universal Champion. He tries to explain his logic as to why Jey Uso will never be “The One” and in a moment of absolute cowardess, exits the ring and turns his back on his family. But Jey Uso would not accept his cousin’s explanation as he declared that he would become the new Universal Champion because “Why can’t it be me?”

But his moment of defiance would cost him as he was blind-sided by a Superman Punch and laid to waste by Roman reigns who pressed the title close to Jey Uso and explained that he should, show up; collect his payday; catch the ass whooping that comes with it.

And there is our episode’s end IWC. Roman standing tall over his cousin as we head into Clash of Champions, this Sunday. From all of us at Bodyslam.net, I’m DNezz and I’ll see all of you this Sunday!

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