Why You Should Listen To ‘The Push’, Bodyslam.net’s Number 1 Podcast

Let me start by saying that whilst I write for Bodyslam.net, I’m also my own person, who has my own thoughts and feelings. When it comes to podcasts to listen to; I’m very, very picky. This is because I only really have a finite time to listen to them, so I make sure the ones I do pick, are top quality.

The Push is a podcast which is the official podcast for Bodyslam.net. It is hosted by Bodyslam.net owner Cassidy Haynes and Dom Mallon. As of writing, September 24th, the podcast has 6 fantastic episodes, all of which have excellent quality behind them. I’m going to go into the main reasons as to why you should pick ‘The Push’ over all other wrestling podcasts.

1The Hosts

One of the main reasons for ever listening to podcasts are the hosts. If you don’t feel a connection them, you don’t really care for what they say. The great thing about Cass and Dom, is that they have an excellent rapport which definitely bleeds into the flow of the show. Both Cass and Dom have years of excellent expertise and contacts in the industry, and both have been part of podcasts in the past. It really comes across in their interviews and the dynamic between the two.

2 – The Experience

As I stated above, both the hosts have a lot of experience of the industry. Cass is the owner of Bodyslam.net which continues to grow itself into a juggernaut. Dom has multiple platforms under his belt that evolve around the industry, and together they’re a great team. The problem with a lot of wrestling podcasts out there is that they’re solely opinion based. This podcast not only has opinions, but they’re based on experience as well as personal views. It gives a great dynamic to the information being shared throughout the podcast.

3 – The Humour

There is absolutely no point hosting a podcast if you don’t have some humour behind it. Doesn’t work for all podcasts such as crime podcasts, obviously, but for a wrestling pod it is perfect. You can tell that both hosts have a great sense of humour that involves old school pop culture and they also have the ability to mock themselves, that is rare. There are a few podcasts out there that humour behind them, especially in the wrestling community, but with this one it is organically funny, which I love.

4 – The Interviews So Far

Considering that The Push podcast has only been up for a couple of weeks, the show has already had some excellent guests. Starting with The Gregory Iron, which went into detail over using his disability in a positive way both in the ring and for doing public speaking in schools. The next interview was with Vampiro talking about his new documentary ‘The Nail in the Coffin – The Fall and Rise of Vampiro’. Vampiro went into detail over this struggles, his view on the independent wrestling scene, and also brought up his spiritual side. This interview was followed up by the fantastic Dani Jordyn, who went into detail over her AEW matches and what the future holds for her. The most recent interview is with the reigning and defending AEW Tag Team Champions FTR. This interview went into the history of FTR and what the future holds for the greatest tag team in the world.

I honestly can’t talk highly enough about this podcast. The set up, the discussion, the interviews and the humour all play into this being a great wrestling pod to listen to. What is fantastic about this podcast is that it is only the beginning. They’re only a few episodes in and the professionalism is clear to see for all. If you’re interested in listening to The Push, you can find them on all your podcast hosts and I personally use Spotify. You can also find them on www.bodyslam.net.

Make sure you check out the latest FTR interview below,

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