WWE Superstar Received Locker Room Heat For Dismissing John Cena Advice

There is a process in WWE in which if you receive advice from a legend or one of the pillars of the locker room, you take it. Former WWE superstar Alex Riley hasn’t been shy for his heat with John Cena, and on the recent The Arn Show, Arn Anderson spoke about that heat briefly.

Arn Anderson said:

“I think Alex had a good look. I think his work was okay. He seemed to gel well when they put him with The Miz. But there’s a famous story that he was offered some help from John Cena and he seemed less than enthused or interested which would have immediately made it’s way back to the locker room and to the office. I’m sure it was around that time that his water got cut off.”

Alex Riley has since left WWE, and it appears as though he has taken a break from wrestling all together. His most recent stints appear to be trying out as an actor, and with John Cena also breaking into Hollywood, you wonder if Alex Riley might want to reach out.

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