Retribution’s “Slapjack” & “T-Bar” Have Very Lewd Meanings Behind Them

On last nights episode of WWE RAW, Retribution made their official in ring debut against Hurt Business in a 6 man tag match

Not only did they make their debuts, but we also found out that the members had signed official contracts and had their names revealed. Dio Maddin is now Mace. Dominik Dijakovic is T-Bar, and Shane Thorne is called Slapjack.

At a quick glance these are nothing more than just terrible names for a faction with seemingly little direction. However, when you inspect the names further it appears that two of the three have quite lewd meanings behind them.

Check out the images below for the definitions of the words “Slapjack” and “T-Bar”.

Not only are the names extremely inappropriate, but the IWC has been having a lot of fun at Retribution’s expense. The names, and introduction, have been ridiculed across social media.

The question now is, will WWE reverse their decision on the poorly chosen names? Do they give them new names and ignore the backlash? Or do they drop the faction altogether?

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