WWE Raw 9/21 Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction

Another week begins and that means it’s time for another action packed episode of Raw! Hello Guys and Gals, DNezz here and I’ll be coming to you live with all the coverage you need to get your weekly Red Brand fix!

We’ve got Keith Lee squaring off against The WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, in a rematch from last weeks spoiled main event. Can The Limitless One complete the prophecy and insert himself into the WWE Title picture at Next Sunday’s Clash of Champions?

We’re also preparing for a colossal match coming out of Raw Underground; The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman, returns to the scene and he’ll have his hands full with the gargantuan Dabba-Kato searching for another victory.

With no challengers to the Raw Tag Titles at Clash of Champions, Raw is set for a massive Triple Threat Tag Match, with the winners earning their shot at the Raw Tag Titles on Sunday. Will it be Seth Rollins and Murphy, Andrade and Garza or perhaps the newly formed Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carillo?

Woah! Hold the phone! We open the show to Retribution filling the ring and continuing to promise ruin to the WWE. In their new attire and freshly inked WWE Contracts, it appears that Retribution is here to stay, but who are the members of this new faction?

Triple Threat Tag Match: Seth Rollins & Murphy v. Andrade & Garza v. Dominik & Humberto

Despite an explosive opening that shook the landscape of the Red Brand, we follow it up with our Triple Threat Tag Match to determine the challengers for the Raw Tag Titles at Sunday’s Clash of Champions. As all three teams enter the ring we head to commercial break, it’s triple threat tag action when we return!

And as we return, our match kicks off and Andrade bails from the ring. Murphy and Humberto kick things off and the styles clash early on. Humberto and Murphy would heat things up, exchanging blow after blow as both men attempt to take the upper hand. A tag to Dominik and suddenly the bodies would fly.

But high flying offense comes at a price and that would be the last we see of the young tag team. Murphy and Andrade would continue in the ring and shots were stiff and frequent. Murphy would crawl to his corner, desperate for a tag and as usual, another let down by your Monday Night Messiah.

With Murphy by his lonesome and Dominik and Humberto still regaining their composure, the ever opportunistic Andrade and Garza would make quick work of poor Murphy. Our Tag Title Match at Clash of Champions is set.

And we return from break to the KO Show with special guest, Shane McMahon, as he promotes Raw Underground’s feature exhibition of Dabba-Kato taking on Braun Strowman. Despite the history between Shane and KO, cooler heads would prevail but Shane O’Mac wouldn’t be alone as Dabba-Kato would join his new promoter in the KO Show. KO would reassure Dabba that they do have unfinished business and stamped his promise with a thunderous slap to the big man. Owens, also the opportunist, would take this moment to introduce his own monster as Braun Strowman would take the ring by storm and send Shane and his new toy to the back for Raw Underground. KO would certainly learn the concept of sour grapes though as Aleister Black would emerge and split KO’s wishbone using the turnbuckle; not once…not twice…but three times.

Keith Lee v. Drew McIntyre: Lee wins and becomes the understudy to Randy Orton at Clash of Champions

And during the entrances of our superstars we have discovered that tonight, it will be Retribution taking on The Hurt Business tonight!

The match opens quickly as Drew misfires on a Claymore Kick. Both men lock horns and the pace slowed as both men understand the importance of wearing out their opponent. Lee would break free from the headlock and send Drew into the ropes. Both men would be jockeying for position but Lee would fling his massive frame into the WWE Champion, sending him crashing to the floor. Both men would find themselves on the floor battling and McIntyre would throw a devastating knife-edge chop into the chest of Lee; who would absorb the blow and return it in similar fashion. McIntyre would dazzle the crowd though as he sends Lee crashing onto the commentary table with a massive back body drop as we cut to commercial.

We return from break and both men are in the ring, McIntyre softening up Lee with stiff shots. Both warriors refusing to quit but Lee would connect with a devastating back elbow that would rock the jaw of McIntyre and keep him to canvas as he analyzes the damage.

Lee, realizing the error of his ways, took a moment and weakness and turned it into an opportunity for McIntyre and he delivered a massive spine buster to Lee. It would lead to McIntyre finally connecting with a Claymore Kick but it would all be in vain as Randy Orton would enter the ring, steel chair in hand, and sent it crashing into the back and spine of the WWE Champion before using its edge to dig into the jaw of McIntyre.

And to add insult to injury, Orton would deliver a punt to the skull of The Limitless One, Keith Lee.

We would return from break to Randy Orton cutting a scathing promo on how his ambulance ride from a weeks ago, helped him to remember exactly what he was capable of when the WWE Title was at stake, and now we have a battered champion taking on a hungry, revitalized, dangerous Viper.

And as we prepare for our Women’s Number One Contender match where Zelina Vega will take on Mickie James, we discover that Peyton Royce will battle Asuka later tonight!

Zelina Vega v. Mickie James: Winner to face Asuka at Clash of Champions

The jaw jacking didn’t take long as James skipped to the ring, calling out her opponent. Vega would utilize her striking ability early but the cagy vet, James, would counter everything Vega would throw, including an impressive Octopus Stretch in the center of the ring. James would pick up some steam and connect with her seated senton but Vega would shock the vet with a kick out at two.

Vega would rally and connect with an explosive backstabber as the referee counts the three and declares Zelina Vega the winner and now challenger to Asuka on Sunday for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Meanwhile, in the backstage area; just moments before Cedric Alexander takes on Apollo Crews.

Cedric Alexander v. Apollo Crews

The match begins with Crews sending Alexander to the mat with waist lock takedown. Alexander would send some back elbows into the skull of Crews but Apollo would plant a Pele kick into the face of Alexander and send him into the corner. MVP would save his newest employee, pulling him to the floor to regroup but Crews would not be denied as he delivers a dropkick to Alexander, crashing him into the barricade.

We return from break with Alexander battering and wearing down the former United States Champion. Crews would show signs of fatigue but Alexander would continue with his onslaught on his former friend. Alexander would charge Crews in the corner but would be sent away as Apollo would attack with a frog splash cross body to flatten Alexander.

Alexander would appear to have everything handled but a quick exchange with Ricochet would spell the end for Alexander as Crews would catch him in a roll up for the victory, but how victorious is Crews after the viscous beating he would suffer at the hands of The Hurt Business after the match?

And we finally head to Raw Underground where Dolph Ziggler secures a win over Arturo Ruas.

And now we return to the ring where The Monday Night Messiah has returned, manila envelope in hand.

And Rollins drops a bomb, stating that one of the Mysterio Children may not be Rey’s. Tempers would flare but ultimately a poorly timed expression from Rey would send his daughter to the back, upset over her Father’s opinion.

Lana & Natalya v. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

The champs made quick work of Lana and Nattie as Baszler choked out Lana for the victory. The real impact of their actions would be felt after Jax would drive Lana through the commentary table with a Samoan Drop; undoubtedly a message to the Riott Squad who will challenge for the Women’s Tag Titles at Clash of Champions.

Meanwhile in Raw Underground…

Asuka v. Peyton Royce

What was thought to be quick work for the champ turned out to be an impressive showing by her Aussie opponent. Royce would fight to the bitter end but Zelina Vega would run in and attack Asuka.

And we return to Raw Underground where it is time for our feature bout! Braun Strowman… Dabba-Kato… The time is now!

Retribution v. The Hurt Business

Besides absolutely horrendous names, Retribution begin the match having to weather the storm of Bobby Lashley. As the waters calmed, Retribution would have their moment in the sun but Lashley would soon return to finish what he started. Lashley would lock in The hurt Lock only to be on the receiving end of a cheap shot. The ref would call for the bell as everything went to hell. More Retribution members would pour into the ring and gang rush The Hurt Business, but suddenly the cavalry would appear as the WWE locker room would empty, led by Drew McIntyre.

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