WWE Smackdown Live Coverage 9/18

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another Friday night of action, drama and some crazy antics; it’s Smackdown on Fox! DNezz here coming to you from The Den, bringing you all of the live coverage of tonight’s episode; curtesy of Bodyslam.net!

Tonight looks to be another evening of landscaping on the Blue Brand as the Intercontinental title picture should be clearing up, the Universal title picture should come into focus a bit more and we finally have the return of The Boss after the savage beating handed to her at the hands of Bayley. It’s 8pm and that means go time, let’s get you in on the action!

And we open tonight’s show with two of the best talkers in the biz, it’s Johnny Drip-Drip and The Miz with the Dirt Sheet! Miz opens with some of his own handy work as he addresses the sudden and surprising trade of Mandy Rose to the Red Brand. Many of course believe Miz to be responsible and while they are correct; Miz promises that he did what he did in order to focus Otis and get him ready for his opportunity to cash in his Money In The Bank contract. After a few cheap shots taken by the duo, Otis has finally heard enough and crashes the party as only he can… and gracefully is not the word we’re looking for. Otis would get his revenge but just in case the big man wanted seconds, he had Tucker waiting in the wings to send Miz & Morrison right back into the ring! Unfortunately for Miz, Otis may have bit off a bit more than desired. How does Miz keep those so white?


And as we return from break, we catch Miz & Morrison in the back being questioned on their actions. Miz makes a quick call and asks if what was just witnessed was, “enough”. After confirmation of a job well-done, Miz and Morrison go off laughing as the plan is working.

Gran Metalik v. Cesaro

And we have another installment of the Naka/Saro v. LHP saga, finally discovering that it will in fact be Naka/Saro v. LHP for the Smackdown Tag Titles at Clash of Champions. The match opens in traditional fashion as Metalik attempts to put Cesaro on shaky ground with some fast action. But the antics and argument of Metalik’s partners would send Kalisto and Dorado to the showers early and leave Metalik outnumbered as Nakamura still lurks around ringside. Ultimately it would be Cesaro’s slow and deliberate pace that would end Metalik and earn The Swiss Superman a victory.

And when we return from break…

And tonight’s Moment of Bliss has Nikki Cross in the hot seat, heading into her Smackdown Women’s Championship match against Bayley at Clash of Champions. Alexa wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions as she points out Nikki’s recent string of bad luck against WWE’s resident Karen. Nikki would have some questions of her own as she attempted to get Alexa to open up about her change in temperament since her encounter with The Fiend. The moment would be interrupted though as Lacey Evans would interject her feelings on the Nikki Cross v. Bayley match at Clash of Champions, stating that Cross was too nice to beat Bayley.

Her statement didn’t age too well.

We return and the match is under way! Nikki opens up fierce and fiery but the momentum was cut short as The Sassy Southern Belle dictated her own pace and quickly focused on the arm of the Number One Contender. Slowly, Evens mean streak would show itself as Cross would refuse to lose and Lacey decided Nikki should clean up her act a little.

But that simple act would only infuriate Cross as she took the advice of her opponent and allowed her mean streak to shine bright. Cross would plant Evans to the mat with a draped neck breaker for the victory and some much needed momentum.

After the match, the embarrassed Lacey Evans attempted to pull herself up but wound up in the stare of a gushing Alexa Bliss, ecstatic for her friend’s victory. And well, this happened…


After some brilliant words by one of the best in the biz; we switch gears to a sit down with a battered and beaten Sasha Banks who will address the actions of her former best friend, Bayley. Sasha would go on to explain how crucial both women were to the state of women’s wrestling in the WWE but would make one thing emphatically clear…

And just when you thought Bayley couldn’t get any lower…

AJ Styles v. Sami Zayn

We’re in for a treat as The Phenomenal One looks to pick up a win over The Great Liberator as both men lobby for their shot at Jeff Hardy’s Intercontinental Championship. Zayn gets upset over a “botched” entrance and as he attempts to straighten out the issue, Styles jumps him before the bell. Styles would open the bout with as much power offense as he could muster but despite a bit of ring rust, Zayn would refuse to give in.

Zayn would pick up a little momentum only for it to be extinguished by Styles once more. Zayn would find himself on the floor but even out there isn’t safe when AJ Styles has a goal in mind.

We return from the break with Zayn in the driver’s seat but two failed attempts at a vertical suplex gave Styles the window needed to take advantage with a counter neck breaker. The men would exchange shots back and forth and as Sami caught Styles off guard with a Yakuza Kick, Styles would follow up with a Pele Kick and both men would crumble to the mat. As the match would come to a close, Zayn would try a little slight of hand on the ref as he grabbed a handful of tights but the ref was in position to call it out and immediately stop the count. Zayn would dispute his own poor decisions and Styles would return the favor as he would grab a handful of Hanes himself and pick up the victory. This match would solve almost nothing but the real IC Champ would finally stand up and declare how the Title would be defended at Clash of Champions.

And we now see Miz’s plan come to life as Otis discovers he’s being sued by The A-Lister. After the ridiculous laundry list of charges filed, Otis discovers he only has one week to decide whether or not to forfeit his MItB Contract or fight the lawsuit in court.

And things heat up even more as Sheamus is lured right into a trap by the returning Big E! Too bad Sheamus would take a raincheck on the whooping Big E has in store for him.

Roman Reigns & Jey Uso v. Sheamus & King Corbin: Samoan Street Fight

The match is under way and the reins have already come off the wagon. The match was full of beautiful violence sprawling from Jey Uso being double bombed through a table to Sheamus being speared through the barricade and everything in between.

And in the end, the Samoans would stand tall as Jey Uso would pick up the victory and even play some mind games with his cousin as the tension of the Universal Title was painted all over the face of The Big Dog.

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