Teddy Hart Receives Jail Time

In February of 2020, Teddy Hart was arrested for possession of a schedule III narcotic and possession with intent to sell or distribute. Teddy Hart has been involved with the law a few times over the last couple of months, and now he will spend some time behind bars.

As reported by PW Insider, Teddy Hart was sentenced on September 10th, to 10 days in the Richmond County jail. His ordeal isn’t year over as his charges will now be presented to a grand jury to see if they are fit to go to a further trial.

According to Virginia law, Possession of a Schedule III controlled substance is a Class 1 misdemeanor and can be punished with up to 12 months in jail and a fine up to $2,500.

PW Insider states there was a YouTube video featuring a phone conversation between Hart and Manic, who he was in a relationship with over the incident. Annis stated that after the 2/9 Ring of Honor Free Enterprise event, he left Manic at their hotel in Maryland and drove to Virginia to get marijuana.  He stated he was alone as Manic had “hit her head hard” during an angle where she was put through a table on the ROH event. Hart stated he was pulled over due to an ongoing issue with his license plate not matching the registration for his car, something he claimed had been “taken care of.” Authorities searched his car and found marijuana and steroids. 

H/T to PW Insider for the YouTube video breakdown.

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