Miro Refusing To Work With Top AEW Star?

With Miro (formerly Rusev in WWE) recently joining AEW, he has a whole host of new talent to work with and show WWE what they are missing. However, it seems there is one talent in particular who he doesn’t want to work with… his former WWE colleague PAC (formerly Neville in WWE).

In a new video recently uploaded to his YouTube channel, Miro discussed the various people that he met backstage at his first AEW Dynamite where he debuted. In the video, he is asked about his firmer WWE cohort PAC.

Miro replied:

“PAC already tore my bicep. I’m not working with him anymore. I’m done with him. I’m not working with PAC anymore.”

Miro had a rather serious tone as he answered but it is unclear whether he was joking or not as his streams do tend to be quite lighthearted, but he often likes to blur the lines also.

PAC hasn’t been on AEW television during the pandemic due to travel restrictions and it is unknown when he will return.

Miro is referring to an incident which took place back in October of 2015 on an episode of WWE Main Event where Miro suffered a bicep injury against PAC. The two went on to work together again further down the line after the injury occurred, so any bad blood was hopefully quashed at the time.

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