Lana And Miro Threaten To Leave Social Media

Current WWE Superstar Lana has threatened to leave social media due to online bullies. Lana also confirmed that her husband, Miro, would also delete all his social media platforms if it continues.

This comes after Lana posted a video from her Tik Tok account onto her Instagram page and she received “hate & cyber bullying comments”. At the same time WWE Superstar Natalya, would post the same video on her social media and people would state it was the “best Tik Tok ever”.

Lana’s tweet stated,

“It’s crazy to see me that I can post a video on my IG & get so much hate & cyberbullying comments & then @NatbyNature can post the exact same video and everyone say it’s the best TikTok ever ! It’s the same video that I made…. why are all of you such bullies to me? If all of you keep coming at me in cyberbullying ways …. the entire household of @ToBeMiro & my social medias will be turned off. Mental health is the most important. Cyberbullying can really effect someone’s mental health. Please have respect & stop cyberbullying me.”

Lana is killing it on social media at the moment, with over 1 million followers on Tik Tok, over 1 million on Twitter and 3 million on Instagram. With WWE clamping down on third party brand deals, it’ll be interesting to see how this story develops. Below are the full tweets she put out,

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