The “Petty” That Is Professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling is nothing if not consistent. While companies ebb and flow with the ever changing times, the real life situations that sometime intersect with the wrestling business reality, one thing always remains the same and that is going back to their roots. We see it all the time when an organization will bring back wrestlers of yesteryear to spike some ratings, manage a talent or in some cases become the World Champion. For me, one thing has become more and more evident in today’s product and that is the rivalry among companies coupled with the lengths they will go to to “flex” on the opposition. The Petty.

Thats not to say that it’s just from company to company, it also exists internally inside of their own business. Maybe it’s sour grapes, maybe there is some truth to the things said or maybe it’s just cheap shots to show who’s in charge. Inside the WWE this has been going on for years and at times has been known as “backstage politics”. We could go in lengths about The Montreal Screwjob, The Ultimate Warrior holding matches hostage for more money, Eric Bischoff giving away Raw results at the open of their show but I’d like to focus on the most recent going ons with the wrestling business

Ever since AEW has debuted on Wednesday night it has been evident that every chance the company has wether it’s the talent or the owners themselves, they are willing to take digs toward the big dog At the feeding bowl. When they held a press conference in Jacksonville I can remember hearing things like “We are going to be different” or “we aren’t going to care about what’s going on with the competition”. That’s barely lasted a month….

Since then every major talent that has been employed by AEW that came over from The WWE has immediately begun taking their shots. Brodie Lee before stepping into a ring had vignettes played that were obvious parodies of VInce McMahon. Miro, known more so as Rusev to the common wrestling fan, immediately cut a promo against Vince and his “Brass Rings”. While I get it, you have feelings about how you were once treated, I personally feel like bringing up the competition on your companies show is just bad business. You left to show the world your talents and now that you have a platform, instead of making name for yourself and proving why you get underutilized, you talk about that company.

Now, before this is labeled as another hate article towards AEW or that I’m a WWE “Mark” I’d like to say that it is actually how I feel about the WWE at the moment that brought me to write this article.

While the AEW shots can be heard a lot louder than the WWE’s attempts it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The Robert Stone Brand Anyone?

When talking about the WWE it’s more of that for mentioned “backstage politicking” that seems to be playing out. The most obvious one playing out at the moment has to be Lana, Miro’s real life wife. Since Miro left he has been on Ryback’s podcast (Ryback constantly taking shots at the WWE can be a whole other article itself) talking about the product and in the AEW ring doing the same. Meanwhile his wife is still employed by Vince McMahon. In recent reports, that have been disputed by Miro, it was Lana doing commercials for Bang energy drink that brought on the storm of third party apps being used by talent

Since then we’ve seen Lana on TV more than we have in about a year but week after week she’s the one eating pins or in the case this week, being put through the table. I’m not defending Lana’s in ring work and saying she needs more time but at this point it looks like she’s just being fed to the wolves.
That brings me to this weeks edition of Monday Night Raw and what was the ending of the championship match between Mickie James and Asuka.

Now, if you’d like to believe thoughts that she was Injured or that they were running over on time, that’s fine with me. However, I believe the issue is deeper than that which is on the surface and to me was confirmed by the surprise look on Mickie’s face. Bruce Pritchard is a head writer on WWE Raw and has recently been involved in a war of words with current NWA Champion Nick Aldis, real life husband of Mickie James. Bruce on his podcast said Aldis lacked the “It Factor” which promoted Aldis to respond on twitter being very critical of the product he produces

It was said by WWE all week that this was Mickie James last attempt at the title. If that’s true you would think for all she’s done with the company, she would get a great spotlight. No entrance and what to me can only be described as a Montreal Screwjob-esq finish that had her looking as surprised as most fans did watching. Again, this is just opinion but the timing seems quite coincidental with Aldis about to defend his title, against a former WWE talent who’s wife has also been very critical of the company Mike Bennett.

It’s OK to be a WWE fan, It’s OK to be a AEW fan, it’s OK to be a NJPW fan, it’s OK to be a NWA fan and above all its OK to be a fan of them all. It’s also ok to be critical of the product you watch without being considered a “Mark” for certain promotions. I believe the quicker we can all accept those facts, the wrestling business will begin to thrive amongst the fans once again

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