Miro States WWE Is Like Boxing and AEW Is Like MMA

The newest member of the All Elite Wrestling roster Miro (formerly Rusev in WWE) has come out and said his new employers are ‘like MMA’ whereas WWE is more like boxing.

The man formally known as the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ appeared on Busted Open Radio. He would make the following comments:

I was in this bubble and did the same style for ten years.

“Everything outside, I was like, ‘Well that makes no sense, this makes no sense.’ Being on the outside, I finally understand why AEW is the best. They give you every style around the world. They don’t tell you, ‘Hey, come change your style to what we want.’ No, you come and show your style and do what you come from. The old bubble is like boxing, AEW is like MMA. It’s all of the styles.”

After his release from WWE, Miro became a professional Twitch streamer, dropping his long term WWE name Rusev and creating his own brand under the name Miro. He also commented on maintaining his fan base following his WWE departure.

“It’s not difficult at all. Ever since I got let go, I did good on my downtime. I started promoting myself on Twitch and YouTube. Both channels grew so fast and it shows how amazing our audience is. The wrestling crowd doesn’t forget anybody. If you’ve done good, they’ll remember you. Now, when people see me on the street, they don’t call me [Rusev], they call me Miro and it’s only been a week. Also, being behind a company that actually promotes my stuff. They promote my Twitch and social media, they want me to do good.”

Miro made his AEW Dynamite debut last week becoming Kip Sabian’s best man for his upcoming televised wedding to Penelope Ford. It is a fairly low key debut for a signing the calibre of Miro. We will have to wait and see if AEW has bigger plans for the former WWE United States champion.

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