WWE Raw: Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction 9/14

Good evening ladies and gentlemen; DNezz here and we’re about 15 minutes away from another action packed episode of Raw! As reported earlier, we’ve got a few matches scheduled tonight that should keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

In what should be our main event of the evening, it’s The Monday Night Messiah squaring off against Dominik Mysterio in an ominous Steel Cage Match. Can Dominik finally end The Cult of Rollins or will The Monday Night Messiah claim victory, once more over the ever-improving, young challenger?

After weeks of run-ins and spoiled debut matches, it appears that friends will now compete as WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre will square off against The Limitless Keith Lee. Can Lee finally have a proper Raw debut or will the seething hatred between The Scottish Psychopath and his opponent at Clash of Champions cause another match to fall apart and further delay the promising career of The Limitless One?

With weeks before Clash of Champions, it will be the Raw Women’s Champion in action as The Empress of Tomorrow takes on Mickie James in a championship match! Can James capitalize on this gracious opportunity or will Asuka continue to etch her legacy as one of the best females in wrestling?

and finally…

It’s a Champion v. Champion bonanza as Naka/Saro invade the Red Brand to square off against Raw’s Tag Champs, The Street Profits. Can the likes of Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura humble the young tag champs or will Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins bring the smoke to the best of the Blue Brand?

We open the evening with a shakeup on commentary as both Samoa Joe and Tom Phillips are MIA tonight. Instead, we shall be treated to the melodic tones of Dolph Ziggler and Michael Cole.

But as the Thunderdome settles, it is the WWE Champion making his way to the ring. After recapping the past few weeks of events, McIntyre came to the matter at hand and challenged Randy Orton to an Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions. The challenge was quickly turned down though by WWE Executive Adam Pearce as he explained that Randy may not be able to compete at Cash of Champions. WWE however, had a contingency plan in place though, as Pearce announced to McIntyre that if Keith Lee was victorious tonight, he would become the number one contender in the event that Orton could not compete.

Naka/Saro v. Street Profits

It’s Champions versus Champions in our kickoff match of the evening as Solo Cups fall from the skies! Both teams look poised for victory. Naka/Saro would show the Thunderdome what heights they were willing to go to to win.

But when these four are involved, you know that there was much more than just that.

And of course you know that Montez Ford would never allow that to beat him, or this…

In the end it would be an error in judgement by the veterans of the Blue Brand that aided the Profits in picking up a win in tonight’s Champions v. Champions match.

Cedric Alexander v. Ricochet

The recent turncoat makes his way to the ring with the other members The Hurt Business in tow and as the four executives of WWE’s hottest upstart business stand in the middle of the ring and gloat about how grand life is. As Alexander gushes on about how grand life is, his former partners make their way to the ring and let Alexander know that there would be no begging him back. After his betrayal, it would simply be open season on Alexander.

and as we cut to commercial, the match will continue.

We return from break with Alexander keeping the high flying Ricochet grounded with a body lock. Ricochet would break the hold but as Alexander continued his dismantling of his former friend, there was a difference in his approach. Alexander looks meaner and his shots are hitting stiffer; no doubt an effect of the tutelage of the Hurt Business. Ricochet would throw everything he could at Alexander but it was no use as Cedric Alexander completed his turn to the dark side and defeated his former friend.

But the victory would be short-lived as yet another mission statement would be declared by Retribution.

Mickie James v. Asuka: Raw Women’s Championship Match

We open the match with both women feeling out the situation at hand. Both are cagey veterans of the ring and both understand how dangerous the other can be. They trade back and forth with Asuka getting the upper hand more times than not. Perhaps this very well may be the last opportunity for Mickie James to recapture WWE Gold? We’ll find out when we return from commercial.

We return from break with James battling back from under the champion. Both women continue their beating of each other, James would have Asuka grounded as she makes her way to the top. A brief scuffle would send Asuka crashing down and James behind her as she connects with a seated senton. The two women would continue to scrum and an odd finish would come to this match. I’m hoping for an explanation on this later. But to add more confusion to this situation, a new contender has emerged to stand tall, toe-to-toe with the champion.

And as we head to commercial, Keith Lee comments on his upcoming match with his friend and WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. Lee explains that while he is aware of Drew’s injury, he has no intentions of exploiting it…. but then again, becoming the number one contender does mean doing what one must.

Erik v. Bobby Lashley

It was quick work for The Almighty Bobby Lashley as he decimated Viking Raider, Erik.

Wait a minute, what the hell is he doing here?

And as we gear up for tonight’s cage match, The Monday Night Messiah has some choice words for his disciple…

Dominik Mysterio v. Seth Rollins: Cage Match

We return from commercial break to the Monday Night Messiah making his way to the ring. An eerie calm about him as he steps through the ropes and realizes his reality of being surrounded by steel. And after a heartfelt send-off by his Father, Dominik Mysterio enters his very first cage match. The door slams behind and the match is underway. Seth starts things out slow but quickly capitalizes on Dominik’s lack of experience. However, where experience lacks, innovation takes over as Dominik uses much of his Lucha Libre training to throw Rollins off of his game. Just as Dominik seems to be regaining composure and momentum, it appears that “Staying in the back” wasn’t exactly the plan for Murphy; as he slides a kendo stick through the cage and to the able hand of Rollins. We cut to commercial with Rollins, beating Dominik.

We return from break with Rollins raking the face of Dominik across the cage; the worried faces of his family in direct sight. Seth goes to toss Dominik into the fence but is reversed. Rollins returns the favor but The Mysterio’s equal the playing field and slide in a kendo stick of their own. Rollins runs the squared circle but to no avail; the sickening smack of the bamboo as it strikes pay dirt.

Rollins attempts to toss Dominik into the cage but Dominik catches himself and scales the cage. Rollins joins him and splits Dominik’s wishbone across the top rope but Dominik returns the favor. Rey steps in for a second time, hoping to help his son escape the cage but is quickly dispatched by Murphy… right before Murphy slams the cage door into Rollins’ head. It would appear the Dominik could finally pick up a win over The Monday Night Messiah but alas, Rollins plants two stomps and collects another victory. After the match, he would have some words with his disciple.

Meanwhile in Raw Underground…

And after a ruined interview with The WWE Champion, friendship finally dissolved into competitive spirit.

And, OH Look! Braun’s still running Raw Underground…

Kevin Owens v. Aleister Black

Despite a run-in attack by Black, this match would get physical and quickly. Black would finally realize that this was not the way to defeat The Prize Fighter. Black notices KO’s favoring a knee and takes full advantage as he utilizes his educated feet to target the knee.

Black would have KO in his sights but technical difficulties would give KO the opening need to hit the Stunner and pick up the victory.

We move quickly to the back as McIntyre and Lee have found each other once more.

Riott Squad v. Lana & Natalya

With the Women’s Tag Champs sitting at ringside, we get ready for some women’s tag team action. Nattie starts things off with Liv Morgan and immediately brings her over to their corner. A tag by Lana means doom for their hopes of victory and the Riott Squad make quick work of the pair.

And after the match, it would be poor Lana who would be meat for the beast…

Keith Lee v. Drew McIntyre: If Lee wins, he is the No. 1 Contender if Randy Orton cannot compete

The champion marches to the ring with a look of disdain for his friend who makes his way down the aisle with a similar look painted across his visage. War is coming. And with war, there comes no boundaries. McIntyre & Lee push each other pillar to post like two dominant bucks rutting over a doe. Lee connects with the injured jaw of the champ and sends McIntyre spilling over the top rope to the floor as we cut to commercial.

We return from break to much of the same as these two hosses continue to beat the holy hell out of each other. McIntyre would somehow toss The Limitless One with an Overhead Belly to Belly; The Scottish Psychopath would try to follow up but Lee would come roaring in with a lariat that would take the head off of a lesser man. McIntyre with another headbutt as he’s in no man’s land out on the apron. Lee ascends and drags Drew with him. Drew attempts to fight away but is sent screaming to the canvas courtesy of a superplex!

Both men spent and still refusing to give up but what is this? Retribution makes their way to the ring and lays waste to the pair of gladiators!

As it appears that this gang will ruin another main event, it appears the Calvary would arrive.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of tonight’s episode. I’m DNezz, signing off until Friday when I return with all of the coverage for Smackdown on Fox.

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