7 Best Professional Wrestling Schools that Students Can Attend

7 Best Professional Wrestling Schools that Students Can Attend

written by: Joshua Robinson

Wrestling brings you the thrill and excitement of sport and you need to pursue it in the right course. You need to learn this craft in a safe setting and practice it under controlled terms. With all the takedowns, joint locks, grappling holds that need tactful skills, you need to have some training in this sport. 

Getting into combat from a good wrestling school assures you of a safe fight and a victorious win. Here are some of the best wrestling schools you can attend and be a professional.

School of Morton

Being the best needs you to learn from the best and this is what the School of Morton offers you. A great opportunity to discover, learn and grow to a professional wrestler like its founder Rick Morton.

The school bases its outstanding abilities to nurture you to the professional field on the Rock N Roll that never dies. You will team up with the WWE hall of fame and be the best among the best.  

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Monster Factory

Learning from the Monster Factory is among the best decisions you can ever make in your wrestling career. It hosts the best couch who produces famous and skilled students assuring you of great and quality services worth your money. 

Some incredible wrestlers that went through the school include Big Show, Sheamus, and Bam Bam Bigelow. It is a legendary institution that has lived to its potential since 1986.

Nightmare Factory

Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall learned from the many wrestling promotions they did and decided to come up with their school. Nightmare factory will build your desire to wrestle among the best by growing your talent with a lot of precision.

The school finds pride in ensuring you come out with the best from the best. The school guides you on ways to be stiffer and able to strike at the appropriate time when your opponents do not expect. 


Create-A-Pro assures you of being at the top of cards because of the quality talent and great education it offers you. It gives you a chance to train from the best coaches, such as former WWE Superstar Brian Myers (aka Curt Hawkins) and WWE Backstage Producer Pat Buck, and it has an organized set of work. You will go through each flawless match that is action-filled.

The school offers the best wrestling for youth chance in an intimate atmosphere to learn the craft of a pro wrestler. You only need to attain 18 years of age and experience the greatest opportunity to begin a career in wrestling.

Reality of Wrestling

Booker T brought his skills and fame to the educational world when he decided to open up the Reality of Wrestling school. He is a legend to learn from, having won many world championships in wrestling. 

You cannot get any less than quality skills to learn the art of belting over folded chairs and using your knuckles to fight with skills. The school will build you to have the best wrestling storyline, one in which you will live to remember and get adored. 

World of Unpredictable Wrestling (WUW)

World of Unpredictable Wrestling is among the institutions founded by WWE Hall of Fame winner Johnny Rodz. He is among the skilled coaches who will nurture you to be a wrestling legend. 

The school will provide you with tricks to maneuver through professional and will help you stand a chance against the most feared wrestlers. The school offers you a chance to reach out to couches for advice when need be.

Ohio Valley Wrestling

If you want to get big in the wrestling industry, then you have to get your skills from Ohio Valley Wrestling. It is a developmental territory of WWE, making it one of the most incredible institutions to get quality skills from. 

The school gave rise to famous WrestleMania wrestlers like John Cena, Batista, and Randy Orton. It is an official training center run by the biggest nightmare to wrestlers, Danny Davis.


Becoming the best wrestler takes time, money, and great initiative. You would not want to waste these precious elements of your life by learning from an unfit institution. The above schools of wrestling will offer you the best skills to grow you into the best wrestler that ever lived. All you have to do is pick on one, commit to their guidelines, and get ready to conquer the ring with might.

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