WWE Smackdown: 9/11 Live Coverage Twitter Reaction

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s Friday evening and we’re about 60 minutes away from another action-packed episode of Smackdown on Fox!

After last week’s episode:

Clash of Champions is taking form

The world is asking “Why Bayley, Why?”

Roman’s first challenger is…his cousin?

Jeff Hardy defends against AJ Styles

and Bray Wyatt gets a roommate?

So join me, DNezz, in The Den as we rapidly approach tonight’s jam-packed episode of Smackdown on Fox!

We open with the story so far as WWE recaps with our Universal Title picture heading into Clash of Champions. Roman Reigns opens the show as Paul Heyman reminds the WWE Universe why he is the very best in the business. Roman’s challenger is invited to the ring but despite being family, there seems to be a tension in the air.

The tension would be cut by King Corbin and The Celtic Warrior as both men claim foul play in last week’s number one contender’s match. The overly eager Uso has heard enough though, as he lays down the challenge of a tag match. But as he clears the ring, it seems apparent that he should’ve asked The Universal Champion first.

Things seem to be unraveling in the production truck as Sami Zayn voices his outrage over the faux Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy facing off against AJ Styles.

We return from commercial to what we expected to be another great match between Styles and Hardy but Zayn continues his plea until he is removed by WWE exec’s & security

AJ Styles v. Jeff Hardy: Intercontinental Title Match

Styles attacks Hardy before the bell and is pulled away by the referee. The bell rings, our match is underway and Styles misses in the corner! Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and ascends to the top for his Swanton Bomb. Styles rolls out of the way and both men are left in a heap as we break to commercial. We return to Styles in firm control of the contest. Styles relies on his in-ring IQ to counter the unconventional offense of Hardy but despite his best efforts, could not put away The Charismatic Enigma. Styles calls his final shot but once again, the pest makes his presence known…

The match ends in a disqualification and Styles is furious but Hardy seems out of sorts as he collapses to the floor. We cut to the champions lounge where Naka/Saro is preparing for their non-title match against Lucha House Party, but plans change as the lounge gains two more unexpected guests…

After cutting to commercial, we learn that Hardy is simply dealing with dehydration; however, it appears that he also dealing with a major pain in his backside…

Naka/Saro v. Lucha House Party

As both teams prepare to get things underway, it’s Cesaro kicking things off against Gran Metalik. The match is looking good and both teams are really starting to roll until someone turned up the music.

And when we return…

She enters the ring cold and coiled, like a snake who senses a predator’s presence; carrying her weapon of choice from last week’s vicious attack on her former best friend, Sasha Banks. Bayley enters the ring, silently places her chair in the center of the ring and points to the video tron. We revisit the brutal beating banks endured at the hands of WWE’s resident Karen, before being treated to Bayley’s self-centered reason behind turning on her former bestie: Claiming that she knew what Sasha was planning and that Bayley was merely using Banks the whole time.

But we’re gearing up for a fatal 4 way to determine who faces Bayley at Clash of Champions, and Nikki Cross wasn’t wasting anytime as she made her entrance before Bayley could even make it to the backstage area.

Nikki Cross v. Lacey Evans v. Tamina Snuka v. Alexa Bliss: Fatal-4-Way Match

We’re set to kick this match off as Bliss checks on her friend’s condition. The match begins and Tamina wastes no time using her brute strength and power to bully her opponents. Evans would meet Tamina head on and the two would dominate much of the match. Cross would finally appear to be able to compete and aids her bff with tandem offense to tire out the two pillars of power in Tamina and Evans.

Bliss would exit the match in a trance-like form and we are down to three! Evans and Tamina would continue to batter each other as Cross would insert herself where she could. Fortunately for Cross, she would interject as just the right moment.

And now we’re switching gears as Mr. MiTB makes his way to the ring to take on last week’s burglar of the briefcase, Mr. Johnny Drip Drip, John Morrison. Otis is looking to settle a score as he nearly lost his Money In the Bank contract. Otis comes out full of fire and fury as Morrison attempts to use his educated feet against his more flat-footed opponent. Small mistake…

But much like last week, the match served other purposes…

But no worries, Otis is always a step ahead.

And we finally discover the newest member of The Firefly Funhouse as everyone’s favorite intro hits the airwaves! We’re greeted by our host and his magnificent smile, despite the Funhouse being short a very special member.

Wyatt was so excited to introduce us to his newest feathered friend; so excited, in fact, that he forgot to cut some holes in the box…

But hold the phone; puppet McMahon looks angry as he belittles Wyatt for his inability get the job done and keep the Universal title. Puppet McMahon was so upset that he felt it necessary to bring the special services of an advocate

It’s our main event but it appears that Jey Uso may have to go this alone.

Jey survives the onslaught as the Thunderdome wonder where Roman Reigns is. The outcome looked bleak for Jey Uso in what appeared to be a handicap match and as Sheamus looked for the final blow to put away Uso, The Big Dog finally graced us with his presence and followed through with his creed.

And as the show closed, the tensions in the air returned.

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