IMPACT Wrestling 9/8/20 Recap & Review

IMPACT kicks off as promised with a promo from the new IMPACT World Champion Eric Young. He talks about his loss at Slammiversary at the hands of Rich Swann and how that changed everything, from there he knew he had to switch gears and run over everybody. Alisha Edwards interrupts and runs down EY, she calls him a coward and says that instead of doing things the right way he had to injure people. She says that Eddie is going to come back and look to take back his World Championship. Eric Young goes to cut her off but she tells him she’s seen it all and she’s not afraid of him. She says because of Eric Young her husband can’t even take their kid for a walk. Dang, Alisha isn’t the best on the mic but this is decent. EY tells Alisha that he doesn’t care and she slaps the taste out of his mouth. Uh-Oh…bad move. Eric Young grabs her and tries to nail the piledriver but here comes Tommy Dreamer and he’s swinging a kendo stick. Pffft…Dreamer.

Tommy runs off EY and cuts a promo of his own, he says that while Eric Young left guys like Tommy, Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann stuck around to make sure Young had a place to come back to. He says EY is a heck of a wrestler but he’s also a scumback P.O.S. Tommy challenges EY to try and do what no one else has done before, end his career. He says they’ll wrestle tonight and it’s whatever match Young wants. Really good promo here by Dreamer, wonder if he’ll actually bow out after this one. Usually not a fan of him getting involved these days but he was great in WrestleHouse and he’s been hitting lately, let’s hope he can keep it up. Enjoyed this, great start to the show.

Madison and Josh recap and run down the card. 

Taya, John E. and Rosemary talk wedding planning backstage. Rosemary says it takes a certain special person to officiate that wedding and the perfect person is dead but…she has a plan. Taya and John E are left to plan the rest and Taya is buzzing. She’s talking about elephants and ice sculptures and snow. Wow. Yup this is definitely shaping up to be your classic wrestling wedding.

TJP vs. Chris Bey – X Division #1 Contendership

This one was a face paced, hard hitting X Division masterclass. The two men give it all they’ve got even with Raju joining the proceedings and barking at the two from ringside. Loving the aggression from both men, really laying things in and working each other over. TJP takes advantage of a rollup and finishes off Bey out of nowhere. What a match and what a win for TJP.

Winner – TJP

Up next is Locker Room Talk with Kylie Rae and Susie. Madison tries to imply Kylie was in WrestleHouse to dodge Deonna Purrazzo or wait for the perfect time to ruin her Black Tie Affair. Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee appear and run them down for their actions last week and challenge the two to a tag match next week and they quickly accept. OH YEEEEAH, IT’S ON! Love all four of these women, that one is going to be can’t miss.

Man that EY Bound For Glory promo is something else. Gets me every time.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz pester John E. Bravo backstage, they want to be John E’s best groomsmen but he says he doesn’t think Taya will go for that. They say he needs to stand up to Taya and be a man. I guess so? I’d say count the wins where you get them Bravo.

Brain Myers comes out and humblebrags about his career. He says that Willie Mack has no reason to be embarrassed losing to him. Myers asks Mack to come out for a handshake. Yeah this isn’t going to go well. Mack comes out and says he’s not here to shake hands or be professional, if he was going to do anything with his hands it’d be wrap them around Myers’ neck and shake that. He tells Myers that IMPACT management saw how things went down the last time they went at it and they’ve granted Mack a rematch…right now.

Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers

A really decent match between these two that went a little long. Not a fan of Mack getting the surprise jump on Myers and it not ending in a quicker, more dominant fashion. Mack’s offense is so impressive and he gets it all in but struggles to put Myers away with it. He should be far more protected than that. Myers puts away Mack with the low blow and a HUGE DDT. Meh, I see what they’re doing so I’m not too mad but it just makes Mack look a little dumb and I hate that. Can’t get it done even with a head start. Hopefully they rectify that soon.

Winner – Brian Myers

Jordynne Grace promo, she says she didn’t attack Purrazzo last week because it’s important to be graceful in defeat. She then talks about Tenille Dashwood and wonders where she’s been. She takes Miller to go and find out and they knock on her locker room door which is answered by…Caleb Konley! This time he’s Kaleb with a K and is now Tenille’s personal photographer, he informs the pair that Dashwood isn’t there and we are then treated to a photoshoot which informs us that Tenille Dashwood will return next week. This was hilarious, love it. Kinda surreal but great none the less. Love it.

Taya gets into it with Steelz and Hogan. She tells them to stay out of the wedding and tells Steelz she doesn’t even know who she is. Steelz informs her that she’s the Boricua Badass and nobody talks to her the way Taya is. Taya says she will put her in her place tonight and Steelz and Hogan go to get ready to kick her ass…tonight.

MCMG (c) vs. The Rascalz – IMPACT Tag Team Championship

Everything you’d expect from these two world class teams, speed and skills like never seen before. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, the Machine Guns have not missed a step, so so good. Everyone is going balls to the wall here, jaw dropping action from jump street. Nothing to complain about in this one at all, not a step missed. You want to talk about double team action? These four have them in spades. Fantastic match.

Winners and STILL IMPACT Wrestling Champions – Motor City Machine Guns

Post match The North jump MCMG and then as MCMG fight back here comes Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. The two teams beat down on MCMG before the Good Brothers hit the ring and make the save. They clear house and then The Rascalz take out all the heels on the outside. You gotta love it! Looks like all these teams are on a collision course headed straight for Bound For Glory.

RVD and Katie Forbes announce that they have a new show debuting next week, the Whole F’N Talkshow. I loved that name when they were on Locker Room Talk a few weeks back before they decided it was the Katie and Rob Show or something…glad they’re running with it.

Sami Callihan promo where he talks about life being a game of numbers and even though he beat RVD last week the numbers got the best of him and after the match he got his asked kicked. He says that Katie Forbes had his number and that she might just be too much. Next week he promises not to hack the Whole F’N Talkshow, he’s got something else in store. Sami Callihan is amazing, I can’t wait to see what he has planned next. Maybe some female equalization in his fight with Forbes and RVD? Time will tell.

Taya Valkyrie w/ John E. Bravo vs. Tasha Steelz w/ Keira Hogan

Taya defeats Steelz with the Road to Valhalla after a really good match. The story here is that John E. Bravo is too busy on the phone at ringside to help Taya in the match. That doesn’t seem to matter though as Taya Valkyrie more than holds her own and after a spear and finishing move picks up the win. The inconvenience wasn’t really an inconvenience at all.

Winner – Taya Valkyrie

Post match Steelz and Hogan try and beat down Taya but Bravo is in quick to make the save. They try and play it off like he was too distracted and didn’t make it in there fast enough but it didn’t really come across that way. Taya stands tall even if she doesn’t look pleased.

Moose is looking for EC3 and pays a visit to his highschool football coach for some reason. He asks him if he’s seen EC3 and describes him but coach hasn’t seen anybody like that. He tells Moose to remember what he told him and Moose says of course, “Play your hardest to the very last whistle.”…No. The coach tells him “Control your narrative, you have been warned.” Moose freaks out and turns into a bunch of guys dressed like EC3. What the heck is going on?

Heath and Rhino are talking outside of the arena. Heath wants to continue his #Heath4IMPACT campaign but he’s running out of money for videos and his kids need him to get this job. Rhino tells him he knows somewhere he can make a load of money. Come on Rhino, you getting Heath involved in this Hernandez business? I hope not dude, come on, be a pal!

Eric Young (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer – Old School Rules

An absolute brutal Old School Rules match from these two men. They go at it tooth and nail and hit each other with everything but the kitchen sink. This really is an Old School ECW style drag out brawl. Tommy looks great out here, both men pushing each other to the edge of extreme. Eventually EY uses that trusty Hockey Mask on Dreamer before nailing him with the Piledriver. That’s got to be it all over. 1…2…3 and Eric Young is victorious. That nasty b*stard.

Winner – Eric Young

Post match Eric Young continues his beatdown on Dreamer, attempting to take him out of action for good. Young attempts to pillmanize Tommy Dreamer, wrapping his leg in a chair and laying into it with a kendo stick. Oh my! Here comes Rich Swann on one leg to make the save. Swann lays into EY with his crutch and sends the World Champion packing. I don’t believe it and neither does Eric Young. What a way to finish this week’s IMPACT Wrestling, is Swann coming back for Young and the IMPACT World Championship?

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