Cole vs. Balor: Who Should Win?

Tonight, Adam Cole and Finn Balor will face each other to determine the new NXT champion. A case could be made to put the belt on either man considering their current cirscumstances.

A Case For Finn Balor

Out of the two wrestlers, Finn Balor needs the championship more. So far, he’s second run on NXT has been mixed. In one part, his heel promos remind people of his time in NJPW as Prince Devitt, but on the other hand, he hasn’t done much in NXT so far.

A second run with the NXT championship would do wonders to Finn Balor right now. His career would have a purpose moving forward and would be a breath of fresh air for NXT.

Balor is with no doubts the favorite to win the championship on tonight’s main event for NXT.

A Case For Adam Cole

With 403 days, Adam Cole was the longest reigning NXT champion so far. Cole’s run as NXT champion was really good but it was losing steam in the last months of his reign by several factos like COVID-19 and booking.

Balor feels like the obvious choice to win tonight. This could also mean a swerve is coming and Adam Cole ends up winning the NXT championship tonight to surprise everyone.

Adam Cole feels loser on getting a main roster call up than winning the NXT championship, but he shouldn’t be rules out.