WWE Raw: 9/7 Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction

Good evening, good evening, good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. DNezz here; it’s Monday night and I am back in the Den for another episode of Raw! We are bringing you all of the action and drama from tonight’s Labor Day episode and tonight is looking to please as Kevin Owens looks for some revenge against Aleister Black as both men debut in Raw Underground!

We will also have a Payback Rematch as Keith Lee once again squares off against Randy Orton, but will Drew McIntyre be lurking in the wings, waiting for Orton to lower his guard?

And it is time, once again, for the disciple, Murphy to prove his worth as he takes on Dominik Mysterio and hopes to rectify the loss he and Seth Rollins took at Payback. Will Murphy please his master or can Dominik continue to grow with a win over the Monday Night Lackey?

We open the show with The Viper standing center stage and recapping his actions for the WWE Universe; who actively expressed their disgust for Orton’s three punt kicks and the resulting broken jaw of McIntyre. Orton went as far as to demand the title be handed to him if McIntyre couldn’t be available for Clash of Champions. Siren’s would ring in the Thunderdome and everyone was at cringe level max as we prepared for a Big Poppa Pump return but alas; the Scottish Psychopath saved the day and sent a message to The Viper.

Hurt Business v. Crews, Ricochet & Alexander

The mind games continue as Alexander is once again jumped as he makes his way to the ring.

Had the sense been beaten into Cedric tonight? Seems like a far-fetched question given the solidarity of the group in recent weeks. Unless…

Street Profits v. Andrade & Garza

With Andrade & Garza on rocky ground, this match would be the test of this team tonight. As the match was underway, Garza was on the receiving end of a verbal lashing from Zelina Vega until he finally decided to pack up his ball and head home on his tag team.

But the party would be cut short as a new pair emerged from the back, with their own gold draped over their shoulders.

And now, next week we will be treated to a Champions v. Champions match where the Street Profits will take on Naka-Saro on Raw!

Suddenly we are taken to R-Truth sitting in a restaurant, enjoying a nice meal with his 24/7 title. Too bad no one told him ninja was on the menu.

Peyton Royce v. Billie Kay

It’s a match, years in the making as Royce and Kay go from down under to network television in this singles match. The Aussie duo dazzled us with the little time they had but in the end, it was Peyton Royce with the victory.

And when we return from commercial break…

And during their interview, an interruption by the former disciple created an interesting swerve for tonight’s match, which will now be a street fight!

And when we return from break, eventual opponents must work together as Asuka teams up with Mickie James to take on Natalya and Lana!

Lana & Natalya v. Asuka & Mickie James

The match begins with Nattie and Mickie exchanging offense back and forth until the Heiress of the Hart Dynasty would use her veteran sense and drag Mickie into her corner. Nattie would do the damage before Lana would step in and take her shot at picking up a much-needed win. Asuka would break the count and send Nattie spilling to the outside area of the ring. There may have been some tension but in the end, Asuka and Mickie James would pick up the win, heading into their Championship match next week!

And when we return from commercial break…

And we return from break to see the ever-growing Hurt Business make way to the ring for a very special edition of the VIP Lounge. Alexander would attempt to explain his actions from earlier in the evening but was interrupted by his former stable mates and some old friends…

Hurt Business v. Viking Raiders & Apollo Crews & Ricochet

One man’s busted segment is another man’s 8-man tag match and it’s no different here, closing out the second hour of Raw. It looked bleak in the beginning but The Almighty Equalizer, Bobby Lashley would level the field just enough to build momentum for the Hurt Business.

Erik of the Viking Raiders would deliver a thunderous knee to give himself the chance for the hot tag and who better to tag then The One and Only!? Ricochet enters the match at 100 mph as he begins to clear bodies with his acrobatics.

The match would completely fall apart and as tag partners now turned enemies would battle in the ring, it would be the miscalculation of the referee, building the drama of this match’s finish.

Wait. Why is he still here?

But later tonight…

But now…

Randy Orton v. Keith Lee

It’s the third installment of this feud as Orton attempts to reclaim a victory from The Limitless One. Lee would dazzle again as Orton went for the quick RKO but was suddenly interrupted…

Lee would continue to go toe-to-toe with The Legend Killer but The WWE Champion would make one last appearance and show Orton that more than just RKO’s come out of nowhere. Meanwhile, in Raw Underground…

And it’s time for dual handicap action as The Living Riott would take on each member of the Women’s Tag Champs in 2-on-1 action.

I blame Nia Jax…

And we’re back to Raw Underground where KO and Black are still going at it. Both men find themselves in stalemate positions but Black was working an armbar as KO slipped off of the mat. KO would find the opportunity he needed and bash Black into a pillar.

And we return to the second part of our doubleheader as Living Riott now takes on the other half of the women’s tag champions, Nia Jax. It would appear that Living Riott would close the deal once again until a message would be delivered.

Meanwhile, in Raw Underground…

And before we cut to commercial…

Dominik Mysterio v. Murphy: Street Fight

We open with a bang as Murphy drives into Dominik with a flying knee. The Mysterio family, armed to the T’s, around ringside in support of Dominik. It wouldn’t take long for things to spill to the outside but I don’t think anyone was ready for what happened as we went to commercial…Dominik included.

Murphy would finally take control of the match as he spills Dominik onto the metal walkway; followed by a front drop onto the barricade. The two would finally step back into the ring as Murphy attempted to stretch the young upstart. Dominik would find himself pinned in the ropes and at the mercy of his opponent, but in any emergency, you can always count on family… and the ridiculous offense you have hiding away.

And in the closing moments of Raw, Murphy would further embarrass himself by tapping out to Dominik; as he was helplessly trapped in the ropes while the Mysterio’s beat the hell out of him… Seth will be so proud.

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