The ‘Big Dog’ & The Advocate – A Match Made in Hell

I can’t explain just how happy I am to see Roman Reigns return. A big reason for this is because I actually didn’t like Roman at all. I saw him as a one trick pony and he was starting to go down the John Cena route for me. To see him return not just as a heel, but siding with Paul Heyman really has my imagination running wild.

Reigns hasn’t been seen in the WWE since the pandemic started. Due to his ongoing battle with leukemia, Roman chose to stay at home due to being high risk for Covid-19. WWE continued without him and changed their plans for WrestleMania to remove him from the card. What was concerning is how WWE didn’t even seem to mention him, it had all the hallmarks of a top superstar being buried; how wrong I was.

Reigns made his return to WWE during SummerSlam. During The Fiend’s victory over Braun Strowman for the Universal title, Roman returned delivering spears to both competitors. Reigns ended SummerSlam holding the Universal title above his head. To say I wasn’t happy to see that was an understatement. I was annoyed seeing Roman pushed direct into the main event scene once again, but something seemed different this time.

On the next edition of SmackDown, Reigns was advertised to make an appearance. Reigns appeared to stay behind the scenes talking to someone off camera. WWE officials proceeded to try and get his signature for the upcoming triple threat match at WWE PayBack. What we didn’t expect to see was Roman Reigns sitting with Paul Heyman. The ‘Big Dog’ had gone full heel.

This led to PayBack, a match that saw the Fiend and Strowman destroy each other and the ring before Reigns decided to make an appearance. Signing the contract at the top of the stage, Reigns ran down to the ring and go the win, destroying Strowman in the process. Roman Reigns is our new Universal champion, and I cannot wait to see how this develops going forward.

On the next SmackDown it was time to find out why Roman Reign’s had sided with Paul Heyman. WWE and Heyman have done a fantastic job with this relationship. Heyman’s first in ring promo was phenomenal, as he instigated that Reign’s had found him and forced him into this position. Heyman stood behind Reign’s and showed fear which was gripping to watch.

The pact that these two have made can push Reign’s to a whole new level. I’m so intrigued to see Reign’s dominance backed by Heyman. What is fascinating to see is that it almost feels more legit than Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is a beast, there is no doubt there, but this relationship appears so much more legit. With Jey Uso next on his hit list, this feud and Reign’s character can go in so many directions. I’ve got a feeling that Reign’s will destroy Jey Uso. Not only to solidify his stature as a heel, but to push his character down the path of destruction.

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