The Lesnar List: Brock in AEW and Beyond

The WWE and MMA mega-monster Brock Lesnar is now a free agent. While it’s most likely he’ll sit at home with his “hot wife” or hunt unsuspecting animals while the rest of the world continues to descend into chaos, imagine he didn’t? Imagine instead he took inspiration from Cody Rhodes and made a list for things he wanted to do in Pro Wrestling! Well that’s what I’m doing today but instead of it being Brock’s Brock List, it’s my Brock List and we’re calling it the Lesnar List for alliteration purposes. Okay, got it? Sweet! Let’s see where I’m fantasy booking Brock Lesnar to get a payday today.

Cody Rhodes

How could I start an article based on the Cody list, especially when it comes to talents in and around AEW, with anyone but the man himself? Cody has shown he can cut some of the most inspiring babyface promos, is willing to take on all comers and can play the babyface in peril to a tee. If anybody is going to step up and take on an invading force to AEW, especially one of the calibre of The Beast Incarnate, it’s “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes. If I were booking the match it’d be the classic babyface underdog trying to overcome the monster killer, both lads are perfect for it.

Brian Cage

This is a match a lot of people have talked about wanting to see, even before Lesnar was a free agent, and I just so happen to want to see it too. Cage is a big muscle boi with athletic ability that he doesn’t look like he should have with the amount of mass on him. He’s not quite as big as Lesnar and doesn’t have the legit background but in kayfabe I could possibly believe that he’s quicker and stronger than Lesnar. I mean I don’t believe that but if they kayfabed me with it I’d suspend my disbelief. Have Taz turn on Cage, manage Lesnar and get the FTW Championship on him. Lesnar and Taz sounds like a class combo and Cage looking to prove he’s just as dangerous as Brock and trying to get revenge on the pair sounds great.


Everybody’s worked-shoot wet dream is Brock Lesnar taking part in the GCW BloodSport events. Sadly, some of the people we’d most like to see take on Brock in this environment are with the Fed such as Killer Kross and Matt Riddle but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be banging. With Josh Barnett being the Shao Khan of the BloodSport arena right now I feel it would only be right for the two Mixed Martial Arts crossover stars to go toe to toe in the main event. Especially when Barnett has gone on record to say he didn’t have any doubts he could beat Lesnar. I think he might just be eating his words on that one because if anyone is paying the big bucks to have Lesnar show up at an event like this then I’m sure he’s freaking going over. Still the preceding brutality would be more than worth it.

Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb has a legit background and was an Olympic Wrestling competitor, even if he did finish 21st of 22. That makes Cobb vs. Lesnar kind of a dream match for a lot of fans and I’m sure many want to see it. Lesnar has the size advantage and a lot more real fight experience but Cobb knows how to put on a performance and heck, Lesnar has had a ton of good matches with smaller opponents. Perhaps Jeff Cobb vs. Brock Lesnar could be Lesnar vs. Angle of the 21st century. Maybe.

Jon Moxley

We all know what happened the last time Brock Lesnar and Jon Moxley, then known as Dean Ambrose, stepped into the ring together. Moxley got an ass beating, didn’t get to do any of the spots that he wanted to and generally had a bad time. This time round under the AEW banner maybe that wouldn’t happen? Maybe now that Moxley has some sway and can get a little bit of backing from the office, even if Lesnar would be the money man, he and Lesnar could come together to create something that would make up for the disappointment of their last affair. Also Stone Cold wouldn’t be around to bury Mox this time. Cool.

Kazuchika Okada

The last time Brock Lesnar went to Japan…ehhh…yeah, it didn’t go the best. I know this is somewhat turning into the “Brock Lesnar apology tour that will never happen” but wouldn’t it be nice if he returned to Japan to just, y’know, have a good match and get a payday? Okada vs. Lesnar would be a top level match if done right and seeing Okada restore honor to New Japan by slaying a demon of it’s past would be beautiful. No titles on the line, no opportunity to get mounted by Brock again and maybe a short run in Bullet Club for Brock Lesnar? Yeah, that’s what I’d like to see before Okada beats him and sends him packing with a pocket full of wonga and a smile on his face.

Kenny Omega

In 2018 Kenny Omega was touted as the best wrestler in the world, he got the highest star rating ever given by Dave the Melt for his match with Okada at Dominion that year. At the same time over in the WWE Lesnar was reigning supreme as the final boss of the company becoming the first man in WWE history to become a two time Universal Champion. I think since then we can all admit neither man is slapping it as hard as they were in 2018 so how about a match to find out who can slap the hardest? The Cleaner vs. The Beast Incarnate, the “Best Wrestler in the World” vs. “The Most Dominant Wrestler in the World”…a throw down, all out wrestlefest to determine the one true wrestling superman. This one would DRAW MONEY and AEW should know it, stop treating your boi like a midcarder.

Marc Mero

Sable on a pole. ‘Nuff said.

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